Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 8

Grand Opening

While the characters recover from their encounter at the Olive Branch the Pack and their new recruits launch additional attacks at crime syndicates across the city. The Musuems grand opening is later that night, so they are actively preparing to make that happen as well. Frostfang is getting acclimated to his new home (despite being found in a dead cow one morning). All of the cows have been mysteriously branded. Nick has an unexplained black eye.

They put out more feelers to see what they can find on the Pack but the use of foot soldiers is making it nearly impossible to predict if the core pack members will actually participate in an attack. The Order focuses on the opening instead.

They have tours during the afternoon. The official ribbon cutting is attended by Mayor Umpstead and occurs at 5:00. The courtyard has a carnival, the ballroom has a movie on chimera and the museum through the decades, and the dining room has a high dollar dinner and charity auction. Beast and Kat take the courtyard, Sid the ballroom, Kaycee manages the food, and Xander takes the dining room. Jane as the director roams. Nick gets kicked out for using a flaming softball on the dunking booth.

They get visits from most of the major syndicates in the city. Some are a nod to what they are doing, some are they to let them know that they are keeping their eye on them. Later in the evening a fourth party breaks out in the back when the werewolf packs from across the city show up. Frostfang and Beast move out back with that party. Sid comes out to talk to the Fresh Kill pack. it is apparent that he is not a welcome sight to the werewolves. Frostfang catches up with the River Rats. They find out that several of the pack have been killed or disappeared. Jane sees someone in the Dining room who seems more interested in watching the werewolf party in the back than the auction.

Late in the evening a werewolf arrives and talks to Grey Paw. The River Rats begin to leave in a hurry. Beast goes over to talk to them, another pack member has been killed and they are trying to move on the spot very quickly. Beast offers the Orders assistance and Sheppard, Jane, Kaycee, Kat and Sid go.

When they arrive Grey Paw has an attack survivor lead them into the sewer. After they are put on the right track their guide leaves and the Order moves in. They locate the corpse, the sewers are very dark, they can hear something moving in the water and the sound of something moving towards them. A massive crocodile bursts up out of the water, while several bipeds attack from the sides. Sid leaps into action slashing the monster beast. Kat is attacked in the back by a biped, she picks one up and swings them around, knocking them out and taking out Kaycee at the same time. Jane opens up on the monster, trying to pin it down with an entangle. Sheppard takes out another biped. They throw blades at several members but miss due to the static field. The beast breaks free from the entangle.

Kat takes an acid spitting attack from one of the biped and jumps into the sewer. She is swarmed by smaller alligators who latch on to her arm and back. Sid stabs the monster again and then dives for cover as its massive tail demolishes where he was standing. Jane alternates between shocking and entangling the monster. Beast joins Sid, biting and tearing into the monster where he can. Kaycee recovers and sees Kat go down as a couple more gators get a hold of her and drag her under where she thrashes and punches with her free hand. Kaycee dives in to try and help.

The monster is getting frustrated with the continuous entagles and attacks. Jane is calling the shots and Sid, Sheppard, and she are all hitting the creature simultaneously. Kaycee sucks the strength from one of the gators and Kat begins to break loose. Jane entangles the beast again while Sid stabs it from behind, it opens its mouth wide to roar just as Sheppard dives at it. Sheppard dissappears with a gulp. Then the montser croc begins to thrash and buck wildly finally coming to rest with its mouth ajar, where a blood/slime/saliva covered Sheppard emerges, having shredded the beasts throat from the insides with his horns, claws, and teeth as he desperately fought to to keep from being swallowed.

Kat has broken loose and is taking revenge on the smaller gators with Kaycee. Jane and Sid dispatch the last bipeds. The larger acid spitter retreats. They kill the small gators and take the bipeds prisoner, emerging from the sewer with their captured foes and the corpse of the enormous monster crocodile. Gray Paw and the River Rats are suitably impressed as they load things up into the musuem truck.

When they return and pull in to unload the last of the guests are leaving. They see the monster croc and the prisoners being unloaded, snap some shots with their phones, and the musuem is once again the talk of the town with their first public chimera kill. The Order is all over the papers the next day, and Grand Opening is considered a huge success, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars towards their debts.


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