Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 3

Subway blues

While Pack seems to have lowered their profile a little since the attack on the Brandweir docks the killings continue. The Tarcconne family is putting pressure on the players to fulfill their promise to bring in Voltiac as well.

Reviewing the news they identify the power outage at Red Hill as a possible indication of Voltiac’s activity. They move out to the Red Hill subway station. Jane, Beast and Kat try to find information. They break off and make efforts to cozy up to the homeless who hang around the station all the time (Beast is in human form). Beast gets beat up by a bag lady, while Kat and Jane make friends with Mags. For the price of Jane’s coat they find out that Voltiac is referred to as King Can, that he has many of the homeless on his payroll and that they carry messages for him. They have also seen men in power suits coming and going. They hang around and watch the drop spots, Beast gets a message that is dropped off and is promptly mobbed by homeless. The Subway Security, broke things up and told them to move along.

During the scuffle Kat jumps down onto the tracks and moves back to explore the end of the line. She spots a mechanic working on some train cars and goes to talk to him. She offers a $10 bribe and when he continues to be a tad elusive pushes him up against the rail car. The mechanic is impressed, snatches the bill from her hands, and tells her that they do see people down here on occasion. He suggests that if she is looking for trouble that she should check out a maintenance substation down the line. As she is finishing up Jane and Beast, now in dog form, approach. The mechanic quips that he has not seen a werewolf since old sparky and his boys moved in a couple of weeks ago.

The group go to investigate the substation. They climb up and enter in the hatch were they find two men, one out of his powersuit and working on the electrical lines running through the substation and the other all suited up. The five of them fight in very close quarters and they are able to quickly take down the guy out of the suit without too much trouble. The powersuit fellow is more trouble, but faced with three to one odds he eventually goes down to Kats signature hoist and heave into the wall maneuver.

They can’t make heads or tails of the modifications, so Jane just tears them apart while Beast dulls his teeth trying to trash the suit. The fight has drawn attention, so they crawl along the subway line through the maintenance tunnels, destroying modified wiring until they get past Hunterton, where the changes stop. The party heads back to the museum figuring that they have at least slowed Voltiac down, though they have not figured out where he is or what he is planning. Beast wants to find out more about the werewolves being driven out and while Kat and Jane want to explore the sewers near the zombie reports that were in the news.

Kat and Jane drop down and move south until they run into a couple of individuals in the sewer who challenge them. As they talk the find out that the two men, Josh and Imesson, are vampires. The vampires warm up to these two clearly adventurous lasses in the sewers and the they get a general idea of who controls what. The vampires control to the south of where they are, the zombies to the west, and the werewolves used to control to the east, though a new group has muscled in there. Kat and Jane thank them and leave the sewers to share what they have learned.

Beast meanwhile had gone back to the Museum. He puts in a call to Shamus to see if he knows anything about a werewolf pack being pushed out of their territory, he does not but suggests they might talk to the Dark Wood pack that controls the park. Beast goes deep into the park and is confronted by three werewolves who want to know why he is on their turf. He asks about the werewolves being pushed out and is told that the River Rats and Blood Moon pack are feuding over territory by the river. Beast leaves, with the feeling that he might have offended them.

He meets up with Kat and Jane and they share what they found. They head out to the river and move along the shore until they pick up werewolf scents. Soon it is clear they are being followed by werewolves, until they are confronted by a large group of very poorly fed wolves, the River Rat Pack. The ask what pack Beast is from and he is unable to answer, there is also no clear leader among Kat, Beast and Jane. They are led to meet with Grey Paw, the one eared leader of the River Rats, a large group of werewolves, primarily weak, loners who have been pushed out of of other packs. Grey Paw also asks what pack Beast is from. Beast talks about how they want to kick Voltiac out of the sewers.

Gray Paw leads them east along the river where they meet members of the Blood Moon pack, led by Bright Fang and Ragged Claw. The Blood Moons are interested in what Beast has to say. They describe being pushed out. Voltiac enlisted the aid of one of the street gangs, the Doom Fever Posse, who control the territory above the sewers and subway tunnels that the Blood Moon Pack claimed. Voltiac, with his powered goons, and a large group of Doom Fever Posse members ambushed the pack in their den under Hunterton station, killing a couple members of the pack and making the rest flee. After a couple of attempts to come back it was clear that Voltiac and the Posse were there to stay, so they reluctantly moved to River Rat territory and carved out some breathing space. Beast agrees to find out more information and to help them.

The episode ends with the party reconvened at the museum where Jane, Beast and Kat update the other members on what they have learned.

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