Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 2

The Pack

The vigilante syndicate known as the Pack has burst onto the scene, claiming the drug related killings over the last 6 weeks and now moving to high profile targets, slaying a drug lord on trail while he exited the courthouse steps, blowing up a crack house, and attacking the Ballado mansion, killing the Don and 8 of his men. They make no bones about their targets, anyone related to the drug trade is fair game; dealers, users, mules, and the men who call the shots.

The PC’s continue to try and get the museum settled. They put out an add for a fundraising/pr manager and Xander responds. He is interviewed and hired on, with Beast making the connection on who he is. The characters are realizing the need create a syndicate to protect themselves and those that are important, the museum is the framework that they use to support their activities. At this point their syndicate formally includes Jane, Beast, Sig, Kat, Xander, Kaycee and Nick, with three former members, Kane, Sarah, and Wizard. They start to formalize their roles at the museum and in the syndicate. Jane is the Director of the Museum, while still a professor at the university, Sig is the Curator, Xander the fundraising/PR manager, and Beast in his human form is over IT and communications. Kat is over security. Kaycee still works for Queens but lives now at the Museum. She loves to cook, and is often found in the kitchen when not on shift or when waiting on call. No one is sure what Nick does, exactly, since he claims he is still a student, though no one is sure what he is studying.

Jane is contacted by Faith Padrusky with the City Wide Taskforce. She is grateful that they didn’t rat out Vinnie, a move that will help the HCPD keep tabs on the mafia families. Faith asks for some help, the police are struggling to get a lid on the situation with Mongrel and the Pack, she is reaching out to various partner organizations, bounty hunters and the like, looking for allies. She asks if they will look into the most recent attack at the Ballado mansion to see if they can dig anything up on Mongrel. She is aware of their abilities, due to her contacts with Vinnie, and wants to cast her net wide. Jane agrees and the team moves out to the mansion.

Jane, Beast, Xander, Kat and Sig arrive at the crime scene where they are greeted by Shamus, a private investigator brought in by Faith. Shamus shows them around the crime scene. Xander is convinced that the attaackers used cranes and heavy equipment to breach the gates and destroy the guard house, much to the amusement of Shamus (really bad deduction roll). The front doors were breached, and the alarm system left on, perhaps intentionally. They follow the trail of carnage up stairs to the den, where the Don was killed. His desk and computer have been shot to pieces. While Xander talks with Shamus outside in the hall about his crazy theories on how it happened, Beast transforms to a human to examine the computer. While looking to see if the hard drive is in damaged he notices a damaged cd in the tray. He removes the CD, gives it to Jane, and transforms back into beast.

The party thanks Shamus, promise to tell him if they learn anything, and head out. Back at the museum Beast reconstructs the data the best he can from the cd. The data extracted is coded, but he is able to break the code. There is a date, Brandeir Shipyards, 22:00, Peruvian. 300 kilos. They read this as an incoming drug shipment and Mongrels next target. They investigate the docks during the day and identify some potential targets. There are three South American ships that they are keeping an eye on, spread across the shipyard, The Brazil Star, Amigo, and Senorita Maria. Beast does his best to try and sniff out any possible drugs but is only able to search and eliminate the Brazil Star. They decide to settle in and watch from the outside for them to make their move.

At 9:34 they spot a man running towards the gates. He hits them and breaks them open like they are not even there. The PC’s begin to run to try and catch him. He is faster than they realize and stays ahead of them easily. The man charges down the docks, right up the gangplank and into the pilot house. As the party runs down the docks and up to the ship the rest of the Pack show up. Moondog emerges from the water and climbs on the docks and Hellhound Drops Mongrel on top of the pilot house. Beast rushes in the pilot house, sees Rottweiler finishing off the crew and makes a hasty exit. Beast and Kat battle Rottweiler on the ship, Jane duels with Hellhound, Sig takes on Moondog, and Xander moves for position on the docks.

On the ship Kat takes the metal pilot house door and slams Rottweiler aside. Mongrel drops down and shoots Beast, but Beast knocks him down and tears into him with his teeth, stunning him and knocking him down. Doberman comes up from below to join the fight and slips on the blood from Mongrel, landing right at Kat’s feet. Kat pancakes him with the door, stunning him and nearly knocking him out. Rottweiler charges back in, knocking Kat aside and giving Doberman time to recover. He runs and dives into the water. Beast and Mongrel keep fighting, both of them drawing blood. it becomes clear to Mongrel that his initial injury is worse than he thought, and he cuts his losses, knocking Beast back and diving overboard.

On the docks Hellhound uses his heat vision to target Xander who is ready to surprise Moondog. Hellhound blasts him, knocking him off the dock and into the water. Xander sees Mongrel dive off the boat and tries to follow him in the water to see where he is going. Jane and Hellhound continue to exchange shots, but when Hellhound connects his blast is more powerful, knocking her back. Sig is holding his own against Moondog, and possibly even getting the upper hand, when the now free Hellhound blasts him from the side, knocking him off the docks, and into the side of the ship where he grabs onto a rope to keep from falling into the soup.

Back on the ship Rottweiler shrugs off beast knocks him to the edge of the boat. He grabs Kat and performs his back-breaker, hurting her badly. Seeing that they are down to just the three of them with a good chance to escape considering the party’s current positions, Rottweiler and Moondog dive into the waster and make their escape as Hellhound flies interference.

The injured characters retreat back to the Museum. Kaycee is off shift and able to tend to their injuries. They contact Faith and tell her what happened when they showed up at the location. Faith is a little surprised they didn’t give her a heads up (as is Shamus), but glad they survive to fight another day.

For more information about this episode see the Hudson City News.


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