Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 6


Vinnie the New scrambles to cover his own tracks while trying to explain to his superiors how Iron Mike and Mickey the Rat were killed. He tells them that the Russians are onto them, and that they ambushed Mike and Mickey.

As the characters struggle to figure out what to do Jane receives a phone call from a man who identifies himself as Val. He suggests they have mutual enemies and that they meet. They arrange to meet in Westlow Park in Irishtown. Jane and Beast go to meet him. Val, it turns out, is a vampire and a daywalker at that. Val lets them know that he is at odds with a rival vampire clan who is allied with the Tarcconne family, and has been watching this batch of new recruits carefully. He suggests that a break from the Tarcconne family would benefit him as well since it leaves them with far fewer abnormals. Val makes it clear that he is not offering aid through combat, but rather suggestions. He encourages the characters to consider what they know about the Tarcconne family that they could use against them to secure their freedom in a clear break. Then Jane and the Beast leave and return to the other characters.

They know that VInnie has not ratted them out, or they would be dead already. Looking through his emails again they try to figure out who he was contacting. They realize the email address backwards spells Padrusky. A quick search turns up Faith Padrusky, who heads the City Wide Task force with the HCPD. Jane contacts Faith and tells her they know about the emails. Faith admits that Vinnie is a mole, his role with the family means she is the first to know about all recruiting activities and much of the lower level crime, making him a valuable asset. Faith is apologetic about not warning the characters, specifically Kaycee, about the threat to her life, since that might have blown VInnie’s cover (which could potentially threaten many more lives in the future). Since they now know Faith leaves the decision on whether to rat out Vinnie in the characters hands.

Jane and Beast decide not to rat out Vinnie. They discuss what else they have on the family. They know the family has been framing Marcelli family to worsen relations with the Molenko syndicate. They can provide information to confirm the container heist and bank attacks originated from the Tarcconne family. The discussion turns to the container, since the characters don’t actually know what they stole. They decide to investigate the warehouse where the container was offloaded.

They pull in Sarah, Nick, and Kaycee to go with them. Beast pulls up the best floor plans he can find for the warehouse. Sarah can tunnel, so they try and tunnel their way into the ware house the best they can. Once they get inside (ending up between a couple of rows in the warehouse, Beast and Jane crawl out to take a look. They see the container is being unloaded into trucks, supervised by Voltiac and a bunch of goons. The cargo appears to be be power suits. The suits have markings on them similar to those found on playing cards.

The players hatch a new plan. They make a new tunnel that leads them under the truck. While Nick stays behind in the warehouse to start a fire, then runs through the tunnel to the rest of the group as fast as he can. When Nick arrives they wait for the fire to be discovered inside the warehouse and then they roll out from underneath the truck.

Beast has changed back into his human form, and is butt naked. He rolls out and checks the driver side door. It is locked, so he grabs a rock and breaks the window, then hops in on a hot seat full of glass. The keys are in there so he starts it up. Jane and Kaycee jump into the back of the truck, while Sarah and Nick climb in the front with Beast. The guards notice the characters and order them out of the truck, so Beast guns it and they open fire. Beast is hit in the arm and wounded, impairing his driving, but still rams through the gates. Nick ignites a seat cushion and throws it in the back of the a pickup truck with guards in it. Meanwhile Kaycee and Jane are desperately fighting several men in the back of the truck who were helping load suits.

The pickup guns its engine and gives chase. The back of the stolen truck is down and they are dragging the ramp behind them while Kaycee and Jane fight the guards. Sarah starts to tunnel from the cab into the back of the truck. The pickup is firing at the stolen truck and manages to hit one of the tires. Nick tries to throw more flaming debris back at them but only succeeds in getting melted burning plastic stuck to the passenger side mirror.

The pickup truck is maneuvering to try and pass them. Between the bare butt on hot seat/broken glass, the bullet in his arm, the flat tire, and burning passenger side mirror, Beast is having a hard time keeping tabs on the truck. He is swerving all over the place to keep them from passing. He hits a bunch of parking meters and then takes out most of a taco stand. Despite the damage and distractions he regains control of the vehicle. The impact knocks Jane down along with Sarah and one of the agents, it also knocks Kaycee out of the back of the truck completely. A random roll determines that she lands on the hood of the pickup truck that is pursuing them.

Against all odds Kaycee rolls a perfect three to actually hand on to the hood and not just get run over or fall off. Some of the suits have actually fallen off the back of the truck and the pickup is having to swerve to avoid them, throwing off their aim. Jane pulls herself back into the truck and with Sarah they dispatch one of the guards. The guards in the back of the pickup fire and accidentally hit the other guard fighting Jane and Sarah. He falls out the back and is run over. A car on the other side of the street loses control, Beast is able to avoid it but the pickup is not, they collide and Kaycee goes flying off the hood. To the great amusement of all the characters, and to Kaycee’s great relief, she once again defies the odds and instead of getting run over by traffic, getting squashed by the crash, flying out and hitting the building, or a dozen other bad things, a roll of 12 on 2d6 means she is instead catapulted back into the cargo bay of the truck she fell out of, where she lands on top of Jane, Sarah, and a pile of knocked over power suits.

In reviewing the suits they also figure out that the symbols mean the suits were intended for the Card Shark crime syndicate, one of the largest, and most dangerous, syndicates in the city. It appears the Russians were importing the suits for him. Blaming the Marcelli family for the theft means they were suffering payback from Card Shark as he tried to recover the power suits. If Card Shark discovered it was really the Tarcconne family who had stolen the suits…….

With this information in hand the Beast sends Vinnie a new email, one that threatens to tell Card Shark, and the Marcellis, and the Molenko syndicates the truth about the suit thefts and the bank robbery, unless they hand over the oath device triggers for Jane and Nick and allow them to break ties with the family without further repercussions. They also tell them that if they set the devices off a prearranged system will send the information to the crime syndicates and the news automatically, requiring the characters to be alive to keep the information from sending. With that in place the characters sit tight and hope for the best.

A different take on the sessions events and other things happening around the city can be found in The Hudson City News and the Police Blotter.


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