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Chapter 1: Episode 5

Bad Fit....You Are Out

In the time between episode 4 and 5 things have continued to worsen between the Marcelli and Molenko families. The fighting has spilled over to include firebombings. They also learn that the robbers they bumped into successfully robbed three other banks.

Beast sees the article about the dog that was shot. hacks into shooters bank account and “pays restitution” to the dog owner.

While Vinnie was mostly pleased with the last mission, when they met again after training, they got an earful. Apparently, after seeing the van drive away past her, and not knowing that the characters had stolen it, Kaycee had gone back into the bank, and finding several injured among the bystanders, security, and the rival bank robbers, she had helped those who had the greatest injuries before fleeing. Vinnie is especially annoyed since they warned her after she helped the sailors in episode 3. You can’t masquerade as Russian mafia and go around healing people! Vinnie dismisses the characters, calls Kaycee out of the room and leaves with her. Nick splits as well.

As Beast is leaving he notices that Vinnie has left his cell phone on his chair. Jane steals the phone and drops it in her purse. When they leave the warehouse Beast takes the phone home and goes to work on it in his human form. He cracks the password and gains access to the main phone. He looks at calls, emails, and texts. He learns more about the Oath devices, and that Vinnie’s cell phone is the trigger for his (Beasts) Oath device. They realize they need to figure out the other triggers and try to locate them. He finds a series of emails from Vinnie describing the characters and their mission performance to other people. To read his emails, go here.

The emails also imply that Kaycee is going to be removed from the family later that night. They discuss what their options are. Wizard has already left, they try calling Nick and leave a message. They go to the hospital to warn Kaycee, they track her down just as she is getting off shift and getting ready to leave. They tell her they will be there as well, she just needs to be careful.

Jane and Beast leave and get to the apartments early, hiding on the roof. Beast talks to Sarah telepathically and they have her waiting on the roof of the neighboring building. Iron Mike and Micky the Rat arrive. They don’t see Beast and Jane. Mike is on the phone, they can hear him talking to goons down below who are watching for Kaycee to arrive. He hangs up and a couple of minutes later she comes out on the rooftops. Mike calls her away from the door, and as she moves Mickey starts to move to position himself behind them. Beast sees Micky reach for a necklace that he always wears, and fearing that it is the trigger for Kaycee’s Oath device, the characters attack.

Jane shoots Mike in the back with electricity while Beast attacks Micky. Sarah flies in and fires at Micky as well. Kaycee hits Mike and drains some of his body away. Mike swings a massive hand and stuns her. Beast and Sarah keep fighting Micky who is having a hard time hitting them. Jane can here people coming up the fire escape, she looks down and spots 4 goons coming up from below. She reaches out and discharges in to the fire escape, blasting three of the four men clean off. The last one chickens out and runs.

Jane turns back to see Sarah get tagged by Micky and sent flying. Kaycee recovers but Mike hits her again, knocking her out and nearly smashing her clean through the top of the roof. Beast and Jane hit Micky and knock him out. Sarah recovers before hitting the ground. Mike sees Micky go down and charges Jane, hitting her with a move through attack, Jane is knocked out, and sent flying onto the roof of the next building. Nick arrives, having received their message. Sarah is back up and flying, trying to get a bead on Mike. Nick runs along and sets the roof on fire creating a smoke screen. Beast moves around taunting Mike. Mike tears a massive satellite dish off the roof and tries to take beast out with it. It sails wide and smashes into building a couple of blocks down.

Beast, Nick, and Sarah all unload onto Mike. Beast charges in for a move through and smashes into Mike while Sarah grabs him telekinetically and squeezes. Nick hits Mike from behind with flame at the same time. They succeed in stunning him, and then it is all over, as they pile on the hits to knock him unconscious. They briefly discuss their dilemma. If word gets out that they saved Kaycee the Tarcconne could detonate their Oath devices and kill them. They decide the only way is to eliminate Iron Mike and Mickey the Rat. They take the Oath trigger off Mickey and leave them on the roof which they set ablaze. They go through the apartment building from the top down, making sure every one gets out alive…..except those two.

The Characters head to ground. Jane and Nick can be placed at the scene of the fight by the GPS trackers in their Oath devices. They have the triggers for Beast and Kaycee. Beast sends Vinnie the New an email warning them that they know he has been talking to someone outside of the organization and that they will disclose that to the rest of the family if they try and come after them for saving Kaycee.

To read more about the episodes events and other news from this time check out the Hudson City News.

For extra details look at the Police Blotter


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