Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 4

Bank on It

There are mixed reviews to the characters last mission. In the debriefing it is clear that they Tarcconne syndicate is almost relieved that Kane was killed. (Though they would prefer to have a body for proof.) The are generally pleased with the mission results.

Vinnie sits them down and gives them their next assignment. Vinnie wants them rob a bank, a small branch of Flag National that is located in Little Italy. The bank is currently accepting protection from Marcelli family. Vinnie wants to put pressure on the manager to be open to accepting “offers” for new protection. He wants the characters to rob the bank twice in the same week, to convince the manager that the Marcelli family can’t hack it. Of course, he also wants it to look like the job was done by the Molenko family.

While the characters are not too happy about the situation they don’t have many options at this point, so they set about formulating a plan of action. Nick and Beast (in human form) go in to check out the branch. Beast looks at the security and opens a checking account while Nick opens up a safety deposit box. While in the vault he has a chance to look at the safe as well. With their surveillance complete they leave to make preparations.

Nick “acquires” a city truck with some traffic cones. Wizard goes shopping and picks up some knock off AK-47’s from a pawn shop in Moscow West (made in China). They try to dress up like Russians and use gel and red dye to spike Beast’s hair in animal form, along with a spiked collar and lots of toothpaste (for mouth foam). Then with trench coats and their AK’s the group moves in.

Kaycee blocks off the road with the traffic cones and city vehicle, leaving access to a road for them while limiting through traffic. Nick goes into the bank and requests access to his safety deposit box, putting him inside the vault. Jane has previously identified where the power comes in from a neighboring roof. She pulls the power and electrocutes herself, powering up while knocking out the banks electricity. The Wizard and Beast go into the bank armed with bad Russian accents and accompanied by the Wizards theme music.

Beast leaps up and tears down the two security cameras. Wizard and Nick exchange fire with the security guard and Marcelli goons. Beast jumps on the security guard and takes him out while Nick wounds the mafia guard. Wizard tries to shoot out a third camera and does a good job of hitting everything but that. Finally beast dispatches the last camera while the Wizard tries to talk the tellers into letting him into the back. Nick stays put in the vault to keep his cover as a bank patron.

Amazingly, with a little flattery, he is able to sweet talk one of them into opening the door. He kisses her, then pushes her outside. The bank manager comes out with a sawed off shotgun and shoots Wizard, whose protective shield completely absorbs the blast, leaving an outline of him striking a pose in shotgun pellets on the wall. The manager surrenders to the Wizard as Jane comes in to cover the front with beast. Wizard goes into the vault and they destroy the camera vault, then Nick gets to work burning through the safe.

The take the money and run, using the city vehicle as a get away truck. Kaycee takes out a mailbox with the truck on the way. The ditch the truck and make their way back to the Tarcconne warehouse to begin planning their second robbery.

Beast goes in the next day to withdraw his money. They tell him that no with drawls will happen until a couple days later. They have heavy security and are in the process of making repairs. The characters try to surreptitiously watch the bank off and on over the next few days. While they formulate their next plan.

The construction process included rerouting the power. Jane is tasked with knocking it out once more. They figure out that the power is now being routed from a building that touches to some of the businesses above the bank. Jane picks up a portable saw from a department store and makes an appointment with Biniti‚Äôs Hair and Nails, located above the bank, reserving the entire thing for a “bachelorette party”.

On the day of the second robbery the group takes their positions. Kaycee has removed the manhole cover that is to be their escape route and covered the open hole with her focus. Jane goes to her appointment. She tries to pay off Binit and his girls, offering them lots of money to go take a coffee break and paying for the the party up front. They seem unsure and time is of the essence, so Jane finally pulls a gun and locks them all in the closet. She assembles the saw and blade from her purse and begins cutting into the wall where the power is located. She uses the skillzall to cut through and into the power lines, shorting them out and powering herself up. Then she hears a large crashing noise and the whole building shakes.

From across the road Beast, Wizard, and Nick see something strange. An armored van barrels down the street and smashes through the front doors of the bank. The doors open up and a group of masked men boil out. The characters elect to wait and let these robbers do the hard work. The men gun down the security and a couple of them post outside the bank. Inside the robbers are taking all of the patrons valuables while they break into the safe.

Jane comes down the fire escape while the Wizard, Nick, and Beast move in from the front. They don’t notice the small girl who sees Beast leave the alley. Interested, her eyes glowing blue, she floats around the corner to try and find find the “doggie”, like some possessed orphan child. Beast crawls under the van grabs one of the men, and pulls him under. Jane, Nick, and the Wizard begin to exchange fire with the others. The floating girl enters the bank and is fired upon by the robbers. Enraged, she begins to pummel them telekenetically. Beast emerged from under the van to join the fray while the Wizard secures the van. Disable the rest of the men and prepare to steal the van.

The girl, whose name is Sarah, telepathically contacts Beast, who recognizes that she is easily influenced. He shows her his apartment (mentally) with the promise he will meet her there. She is excited about the prospect of visiting the doggies home and leaves. The characters drive the van out and back to the ware house, leaving a very confused Kaycee in the focus. She ran over 3 parking meters on her way back.

The mission is a success and the consecutive robberies are enough for Flag National to accept the Tarcconne families “proposal” of new protection.

When the characters leave the debriefing they go back to Beasts apartment to meet the little girl Sarah. After spending some time getting to know here they decide she is an aberration, a being from another plane who took possession of a dying body. Sarah moves in with Jane and her sister.

Events from the session can be seen in the Hudson City News.

Additional details of what is happening around the city can be gleaned from the Police Blotter.


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