Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 3

Contains What?

The characters come to. They are in a warehouse of some kind, chained to a metal chair, which is bolted to the floor. Looking around they can see the other characters likewise restrained. There are three other people there besides the characters, the nurse Kaycee from the hospital, a young man who appears Asian/Polynesian, and thin white man with balding hair. They are being watched by a dozen armed goons, two men with bare skulls instead of faces, a couple of other men.

A short, middle aged, portly man with Red hair approaches his captive audience. He introduces himself as Vinnie the New, a member of the Tarcconne Mafia Syndicate. Vinnie lets them know that they are being press-ganged into the family (a common practice among crime syndicates with undeclared mutants and aberrations). He gives them a choice, join the family, or leave in a box.

The balding man is asked if he accepts adoption into the Tarcconne family. He refuses. Voltiac, who has been waiting in the wings, comes forwards and places on hand directly on the mans head. He then proceeds to electrocute him for the next 10 to 20 seconds. When he pulls his hands away the man is no longer moving and smoke is coming from various places on his body. Thye then ask Kaycee, who after having seen the execution, agrees to be adopted. The Wizard, after some waffling, also agrees, as does the young Asian boy.

Jane says no, and Voltiac attempts to execute her with electricity, only to find that it charges her up instead. She instantly discharges into the chair and the floor around her. Voltiac is annoyed that she can resist him, Vinnie motions for one of the skull men to come forwards. He places his hands on Jane’s head and she realizes that they will just use a different method to kill her. They repeat the question and she agrees, as do the rest of the characters.

The new recruits are then taken knocked out again. When they awake Vinnie explains that they have been fitted with OATH devices, small devices implanted at the base of their skulls that monitor their location and can be used to kill them if they disobey. Each recruit is also assigned a “handler” who gives them some rudimentary training.

After their orientation Vinnie welcomes them to the family. He is the main recruiter for the Tarcconne family, always on the lookout for new blood. The family expects results from the new recruits, Vinnie makes it very clear that the next few missions will determine their future, either in the family, or out. They are to operate as a group to accomplish their missions.

Their first mission is to recover a shipping container for the don. They need to steal it from a Russian mafia family (the Malenko syndicate) and frame the Marcelli’s, a rival Italian family, for the crime. Vinnie gives the characters a cell phone they “acquired” from one of Malenko’s men. The characters are given a container number and a time, 1:30 AM. Vinnie tells them the container is due sometime in the next three days. With that Vinnie leaves them to their own devices.

The characters set out to find where the container is and what day will arrive. They decide the first step is to find out what ship it is on. They talk to Tarcconne members to figure out where the Malenko family owns docks. Then they go and put the docks under surveillance to identify where the offices are. They find the main office at pier 14 in Gorham. Beast in human form was unable to break into the computers via the internet, they figure it must be in-house records. He is able to hack into the city to pull up some records showing the layout of the warehouse and office. They also visit the site to look at cameras and security patrols.

While they are doing the legwork to find the office Kane has set off on his own. Kane wanders the Gorham docks looking for work. He meets with a few guys, and finally gets a brief interview with a dock foreman who gives him an application. Kane waits till the foreman’s shift is over and follows him. When he is ready to get a cab, after getting groceries, Kane makes his move, drawing hisgun and telling him to stop. The foreman pulls a gun of his own, firing and stunning Kane. Kane recovers and the foreman shoots him again, this time Kane is able to retaliate. His gunshot blow takes the foreman in the stomach.

The man drops to the ground. Kane tries to help him, he flubs his first aid roll horribly and tries to use his sword to get the bullet out, eviscerating the man and making a bloody mess. It is at this point that Kane realizes that he has just killed a man at 5:30 in the evening in the middle of the summer, on a busy street. There are dozens of witnesses, with cell phone footage, Kane tries to salvage things by using his finger to paint “Marcelli” with the victims blood and then flees the scene, leaving Rincon Thorsgvod, a dock foreman at Shnicky Shipping Enterprises, dead.

When Kane gets back to the Tarcconne family warehouse they are furious. The murder happened at 5:30, and was breaking news by 6:00, complete with cell footage that clearly shows Kane. After telling him off in front of the rest of the characters they take him next door and beat him senseless, dropping him back off in the characters room half dead, trusting his regeneration to bring him back.

The characters set a plan for breaking in. That night they gear up and head out, but they won’t let Kane bring any weapons, none at all. Finally he agrees, and after failing to hide one on himself they head out to the docks. Kaycee stays with the get away car, her gold ford focus (they have a really hard time fitting, much grumbling ensues). Jane and the Wizard are covering the crew. Kane and Nick dress as homeless people and move along to the rear of the yard carrying a barrel of trash. Nick lights it on fire when they get to the back and the two pretend to be drunk homeless people. They sing, then get in a fight. They are able to successfully draw the two guards to the back side fence.

Beast hops the fence, getting tangled for a couple of phases before extracting himself and sneaking to the door. He picks the lock and uses his maps to identify likely places for the office computer inside. He finds it on the second story, picks that lock, and accesses the computer. While he searches outside Nick and Kane are trying to cause a raucous without being so bad that he police are called in. Beast finds the shipping container number logged in the manifest of a ship called North of Moscow that is due to come near Hudson, but not actually come into port tomorrow. He hacks in to the email server and searches for the shipping container, coming up with a couple of emails that tell him that the container is being loaded offshore onto a different ship, a vessel called the Red Dawn, currently in dock at Sunshine Fishing Docks.

Armed with this information Beast locks up behind himself, steals the security tapes and goes to leave. Wizard has grown bored and uses a dancing mirage of himself to cause trouble in the yard. He also fires off an energy blast, putting the guards on high alert. Beast gets back over the wall while the guards try and deal with the mirage (and call the cops). The characters escape in Kaycee’s focus, Kaycee manages to run over a street sign, bus bench, and fire hydrant on her way out.

After debating how to highjack the container, en route after it has been loaded or highjacking the truck first and letting them load it etc, they decide instead to highjack the boat before it comes in. Beast rents a boat in human form and they head out to intercept the ship offshore.

They find the fishing boat coming back in. The characters pull up along side and climb aboard. Jane leaps to the top of the pilot house and shorts out the radio. Kane and Beast come out swinging. Kaycee and Wizard also come on board. The crew are unarmed but fight back. Beast throws one overboard. Kane eviscerates one and head into the pilot house.

Kaycee stops to help the one that Kane cut open (who is bleeding very badly). Kaycee heals 8 of the sailors woulds (and therefore takes 8 body to her own stomach). While she is trying to recover Kane comes back out of the wheel house to see the man he gutted being healed by Kaycee. Kane decapitates him, showering Kaycee in more blood. Jane comes out of the pilothouse to see Kane standing over a decapitated body and Kaycee bleeding from her abdomen. Assuming that the wound came from Kane, Jane hits him with her powered up fist. She smashes Kane, knocking him out and sending him flying overboard and into the soup. The characters look out the back of the boat in the rough seas but do no see him anywhere.

They tie up the crew and manage to bring the boat to the Tarcconne family docks where they unload the container from the cargo hold. They then take the boat out closer to the Melenko docks and sabotage the engine, leaving the Marcelli cell phone on the ship, and escape with the boat.

They have successfully stolen the shipping container for the Don.

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