Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 2

See the Dr.....

The police are investigating the incident at the park. Kane had cut one of the thugs arms off at the elbow and stabbed a couple of others, and of course the thugs were claiming that they were simply minding their own business when they were attacked.

Jane gets a visit at her apartment from 2 MIB Agents MIB, agents Lively and Blake. They talk to her about the attack and are especially interested in the people Jane claims have come to her aid (Beast, Kane, and the Wizard). They claim that her rescuers sound like unregistered mutants, a crime in Hudson City. They leave her with their cards and tell her to contact them if she remembers anything else. A few minutes after they leave, there is another knock at her door. Two men, also in black suits, also claiming to be MIB, identifying themselves as “special agents” Wessen and Smith. She asks why they are back, and they tell her the other agents must be fake. They get the same story out of her, ask similar questions, take the other agents cards, and leave their own.

(What Jane does not know is that the real MIB were intercepted, the first set were Russian mafia and the second set are their Italian counterparts. The Russians are the ones who observed their initial fight in the park and are out to find potential recruits. The Italians cracked the Russian chatter and intercepted the police reports with some of their contacts and were also looking to track down the characters.)

We switch to the Subway. The Freetown gangs have circulated descriptions of the characters with other crime syndicates they are friendly with, promising a reward for information leading to the characters, or the just the characters bodies. Kane has been tracking some possible werewolves in Moscow West and is riding the subway to that area. Beast is in human form and riding the subway home from work. He notices Kane, (Kane does not know him in human form). A fellow subway rider recognizes Kane and pulls out his phone, making the call while looking right at him (he fails to notice). Two stops later the man with the cell phone darts off the subway train as a multiple men enter the train with weapons drawn.

Beast decides to lay low as the men start shooting at Kane. Kane dispatches two of them when he realizes that there are a dozen of them on the platform outside. They open fire with pistols and automatic rifles, filling the traincar with holes and lead. Kane takes multiple gun shots and goes down. Beast decides not to leave him to die and transforms. Then attempts to rescue him. The hoods turn on him next and he also goes down in a hail of bullets.

Around that time the Subway Security (SS) arrive and the gang members scatter. Beast and Kane are bundled off to the nearest hospital, Queens. Jane gets a call from agents Wessen and Smith who tell her that some of her “rescuers” might be at the hospital injured during a retaliatory hit, they want her to come down and identify them. Jane agrees and heads down. On her way into the hospital, as she is passing through the waiting room, she sees the Wizard, who is there entertaining some kids with magic tricks. Wizard sees her as well, and wanting to get the phone number of her sister, whom he is smitten with, he decides to follow her.

Beast and Kane wake up to find a nurse, whose name tag identifies her as Kaycee, standing over them. They feel much better than they had, their wounds are mostly healed, strange considering how sever they were. The nurse on the other hand seems a bit hurt and staggers over to the window to sit down. Then the door opens up and Jane comes in with agents Wessen and Smith. Beast and Kane pretend to be asleep still while Jane ID’s them.

The Wizard is following them but can’t get past the guards in the hall. He sneaks into a patients room, steals their gown, and dresses them in his clothes. Then he hears shouting. Sticking his head out the door into the hall he sees a group of armed men come up the hall and begin to exchange fire with the guards. He decides to put his clothes back on and starts blasting through the wall with his energy blast to try and reach the room Jane entered while doing his own theme music.

Jane and the others hear the shooting. Wessen goes to help the men in the hall while Smith stays to guard Kane and Beast, who are now trying to break free from the gurneys they are handcuffed to. Jane finds a defibrillator and “powers up”. The guards outside the room are having trouble with the attackers who are using stun grenades. Kane and the Beast get free and begin fighting with Agent Smith. Jane can see Agents Lively and Blake in the hall fighting with the guards but their excited voices sound different, she is detecting an accent that wasn’t there before. Agent Wessen goes down in the hall and a stun grenade is thrown into the room. The blast hurls beast against the wall and knocks down Jane, Kaycee, and Kane. About this time Wizard finishes blasting through his third wall, and still humming theme music, makes his grand entrance into the room where the grenade just went off.

At that point there is even more shouting from the hall, Agents Lively and Blake are under attack now from a group of men in suits who are using submachine guns instead of the AK 47’s that Lively and Blake’s men are using. The characters decide the newcomers seem more legit. Beast injures himself trying to run at full speed while blinded by the flash bang and makes a new hole in the wall. Agent Smith hustles Kane, Kaycee, Wizard and Jane out the way Wizard came in, through the walls. They join up with the new attackers, led by a man in power armor who is shooting lightning. The exit the building, noticing injured hospital staff and some shot up vehicles out front where it appears the two groups were fighting, and are bundled into two black vans.

As the doors to the vans are slammed shut and the vans drive away the characters realize there are no windows. Then they hear a hissing sound and the back of the vans begin to fill with gas. They try to find their way out but eventually succumb to the gas and pass out.

The attack on the hospital is referenced on page two of The Hudson News.


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