Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 1

A Walk in the Park

The first meeting of the characters.

Sid is following a group of men from Freetown who are headed to Le Mastre Park. The Beast is running in the park and enjoying himself. Jane and her sister are taking a walk while the Wizard performs on a small stage he set up. As the men approach Jane and her sister they pull out weapons and demand money. A fight breaks out as Beast and Sid attack, beast from the bushes and Sid from behind. Jane breaks the Wizards Tesla coil to power up. Kane cuts several of the men up with his sword while Beast beats a couple into submission.

Wizard eventually joins the fray shooting from the stage while dancing to the music, taking out a guy who had mounted the stage. Jane protects her sister from the thugs. One of the thugs has a bowling ball in a bag, he bounces it off Jane’s force field and hurts himself. Jane takes out another with her shocking grasp.

The characters mop up the remaining thugs and pile them up on the stage. The Wizard apparently likes torture, he piles up all the thugs and electrocutes them with the stage equipment. They notice they are being watched by men in, Kane, Beast, and the Wizard run away. Jane stays and makes a statement with the police, pretending she was a helpless victim the entire time.

An alternative view of the events from the perspective of the men in suits can be read Transcript From Lively and Blake.

The events are also featured on page one of the Hudson City News.


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