Welcome to the Syndicate Campaign. The world of Syndicate is similar to the one we live in now. Syndicate is a world where heroes and villains with great powers, and some who have not yet decided, exist side by side with common man and woman. Individuals who have physical, mental, and supernatural capacities beyond those of normal folk are known as abnormals. Abnormals can be broken down into prodigies, mutants, and aberrations. In the world of Syndicate many of the political, military, and social organizations that you are familiar with today exist, but bolstered by the addition of prodigies, mutants, and aberrations to their ranks. These organizations will go out of their way to recruit, coerce, or eliminate rival abnormals.

Characters in the campaign play prodigies, mutants, or aberrations trying to make a difference in a world full of Syndicates.

Chapter 1: Genesis. Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Chapter 2. Enter the Chimera

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Syndicate Campaign

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