Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 1
A Walk in the Park

The first meeting of the characters.

Sid is following a group of men from Freetown who are headed to Le Mastre Park. The Beast is running in the park and enjoying himself. Jane and her sister are taking a walk while the Wizard performs on a small stage he set up. As the men approach Jane and her sister they pull out weapons and demand money. A fight breaks out as Beast and Sid attack, beast from the bushes and Sid from behind. Jane breaks the Wizards Tesla coil to power up. Kane cuts several of the men up with his sword while Beast beats a couple into submission.

Wizard eventually joins the fray shooting from the stage while dancing to the music, taking out a guy who had mounted the stage. Jane protects her sister from the thugs. One of the thugs has a bowling ball in a bag, he bounces it off Jane’s force field and hurts himself. Jane takes out another with her shocking grasp.

The characters mop up the remaining thugs and pile them up on the stage. The Wizard apparently likes torture, he piles up all the thugs and electrocutes them with the stage equipment. They notice they are being watched by men in, Kane, Beast, and the Wizard run away. Jane stays and makes a statement with the police, pretending she was a helpless victim the entire time.

An alternative view of the events from the perspective of the men in suits can be read Transcript From Lively and Blake.

The events are also featured on page one of the Hudson City News.

Chapter 1: Episode 2
See the Dr.....

The police are investigating the incident at the park. Kane had cut one of the thugs arms off at the elbow and stabbed a couple of others, and of course the thugs were claiming that they were simply minding their own business when they were attacked.

Jane gets a visit at her apartment from 2 MIB Agents MIB, agents Lively and Blake. They talk to her about the attack and are especially interested in the people Jane claims have come to her aid (Beast, Kane, and the Wizard). They claim that her rescuers sound like unregistered mutants, a crime in Hudson City. They leave her with their cards and tell her to contact them if she remembers anything else. A few minutes after they leave, there is another knock at her door. Two men, also in black suits, also claiming to be MIB, identifying themselves as “special agents” Wessen and Smith. She asks why they are back, and they tell her the other agents must be fake. They get the same story out of her, ask similar questions, take the other agents cards, and leave their own.

(What Jane does not know is that the real MIB were intercepted, the first set were Russian mafia and the second set are their Italian counterparts. The Russians are the ones who observed their initial fight in the park and are out to find potential recruits. The Italians cracked the Russian chatter and intercepted the police reports with some of their contacts and were also looking to track down the characters.)

We switch to the Subway. The Freetown gangs have circulated descriptions of the characters with other crime syndicates they are friendly with, promising a reward for information leading to the characters, or the just the characters bodies. Kane has been tracking some possible werewolves in Moscow West and is riding the subway to that area. Beast is in human form and riding the subway home from work. He notices Kane, (Kane does not know him in human form). A fellow subway rider recognizes Kane and pulls out his phone, making the call while looking right at him (he fails to notice). Two stops later the man with the cell phone darts off the subway train as a multiple men enter the train with weapons drawn.

Beast decides to lay low as the men start shooting at Kane. Kane dispatches two of them when he realizes that there are a dozen of them on the platform outside. They open fire with pistols and automatic rifles, filling the traincar with holes and lead. Kane takes multiple gun shots and goes down. Beast decides not to leave him to die and transforms. Then attempts to rescue him. The hoods turn on him next and he also goes down in a hail of bullets.

Around that time the Subway Security (SS) arrive and the gang members scatter. Beast and Kane are bundled off to the nearest hospital, Queens. Jane gets a call from agents Wessen and Smith who tell her that some of her “rescuers” might be at the hospital injured during a retaliatory hit, they want her to come down and identify them. Jane agrees and heads down. On her way into the hospital, as she is passing through the waiting room, she sees the Wizard, who is there entertaining some kids with magic tricks. Wizard sees her as well, and wanting to get the phone number of her sister, whom he is smitten with, he decides to follow her.

Beast and Kane wake up to find a nurse, whose name tag identifies her as Kaycee, standing over them. They feel much better than they had, their wounds are mostly healed, strange considering how sever they were. The nurse on the other hand seems a bit hurt and staggers over to the window to sit down. Then the door opens up and Jane comes in with agents Wessen and Smith. Beast and Kane pretend to be asleep still while Jane ID’s them.

The Wizard is following them but can’t get past the guards in the hall. He sneaks into a patients room, steals their gown, and dresses them in his clothes. Then he hears shouting. Sticking his head out the door into the hall he sees a group of armed men come up the hall and begin to exchange fire with the guards. He decides to put his clothes back on and starts blasting through the wall with his energy blast to try and reach the room Jane entered while doing his own theme music.

Jane and the others hear the shooting. Wessen goes to help the men in the hall while Smith stays to guard Kane and Beast, who are now trying to break free from the gurneys they are handcuffed to. Jane finds a defibrillator and “powers up”. The guards outside the room are having trouble with the attackers who are using stun grenades. Kane and the Beast get free and begin fighting with Agent Smith. Jane can see Agents Lively and Blake in the hall fighting with the guards but their excited voices sound different, she is detecting an accent that wasn’t there before. Agent Wessen goes down in the hall and a stun grenade is thrown into the room. The blast hurls beast against the wall and knocks down Jane, Kaycee, and Kane. About this time Wizard finishes blasting through his third wall, and still humming theme music, makes his grand entrance into the room where the grenade just went off.

At that point there is even more shouting from the hall, Agents Lively and Blake are under attack now from a group of men in suits who are using submachine guns instead of the AK 47’s that Lively and Blake’s men are using. The characters decide the newcomers seem more legit. Beast injures himself trying to run at full speed while blinded by the flash bang and makes a new hole in the wall. Agent Smith hustles Kane, Kaycee, Wizard and Jane out the way Wizard came in, through the walls. They join up with the new attackers, led by a man in power armor who is shooting lightning. The exit the building, noticing injured hospital staff and some shot up vehicles out front where it appears the two groups were fighting, and are bundled into two black vans.

As the doors to the vans are slammed shut and the vans drive away the characters realize there are no windows. Then they hear a hissing sound and the back of the vans begin to fill with gas. They try to find their way out but eventually succumb to the gas and pass out.

The attack on the hospital is referenced on page two of The Hudson News.

Chapter 1: Episode 3
Contains What?

The characters come to. They are in a warehouse of some kind, chained to a metal chair, which is bolted to the floor. Looking around they can see the other characters likewise restrained. There are three other people there besides the characters, the nurse Kaycee from the hospital, a young man who appears Asian/Polynesian, and thin white man with balding hair. They are being watched by a dozen armed goons, two men with bare skulls instead of faces, a couple of other men.

A short, middle aged, portly man with Red hair approaches his captive audience. He introduces himself as Vinnie the New, a member of the Tarcconne Mafia Syndicate. Vinnie lets them know that they are being press-ganged into the family (a common practice among crime syndicates with undeclared mutants and aberrations). He gives them a choice, join the family, or leave in a box.

The balding man is asked if he accepts adoption into the Tarcconne family. He refuses. Voltiac, who has been waiting in the wings, comes forwards and places on hand directly on the mans head. He then proceeds to electrocute him for the next 10 to 20 seconds. When he pulls his hands away the man is no longer moving and smoke is coming from various places on his body. Thye then ask Kaycee, who after having seen the execution, agrees to be adopted. The Wizard, after some waffling, also agrees, as does the young Asian boy.

Jane says no, and Voltiac attempts to execute her with electricity, only to find that it charges her up instead. She instantly discharges into the chair and the floor around her. Voltiac is annoyed that she can resist him, Vinnie motions for one of the skull men to come forwards. He places his hands on Jane’s head and she realizes that they will just use a different method to kill her. They repeat the question and she agrees, as do the rest of the characters.

The new recruits are then taken knocked out again. When they awake Vinnie explains that they have been fitted with OATH devices, small devices implanted at the base of their skulls that monitor their location and can be used to kill them if they disobey. Each recruit is also assigned a “handler” who gives them some rudimentary training.

After their orientation Vinnie welcomes them to the family. He is the main recruiter for the Tarcconne family, always on the lookout for new blood. The family expects results from the new recruits, Vinnie makes it very clear that the next few missions will determine their future, either in the family, or out. They are to operate as a group to accomplish their missions.

Their first mission is to recover a shipping container for the don. They need to steal it from a Russian mafia family (the Malenko syndicate) and frame the Marcelli’s, a rival Italian family, for the crime. Vinnie gives the characters a cell phone they “acquired” from one of Malenko’s men. The characters are given a container number and a time, 1:30 AM. Vinnie tells them the container is due sometime in the next three days. With that Vinnie leaves them to their own devices.

The characters set out to find where the container is and what day will arrive. They decide the first step is to find out what ship it is on. They talk to Tarcconne members to figure out where the Malenko family owns docks. Then they go and put the docks under surveillance to identify where the offices are. They find the main office at pier 14 in Gorham. Beast in human form was unable to break into the computers via the internet, they figure it must be in-house records. He is able to hack into the city to pull up some records showing the layout of the warehouse and office. They also visit the site to look at cameras and security patrols.

While they are doing the legwork to find the office Kane has set off on his own. Kane wanders the Gorham docks looking for work. He meets with a few guys, and finally gets a brief interview with a dock foreman who gives him an application. Kane waits till the foreman’s shift is over and follows him. When he is ready to get a cab, after getting groceries, Kane makes his move, drawing hisgun and telling him to stop. The foreman pulls a gun of his own, firing and stunning Kane. Kane recovers and the foreman shoots him again, this time Kane is able to retaliate. His gunshot blow takes the foreman in the stomach.

The man drops to the ground. Kane tries to help him, he flubs his first aid roll horribly and tries to use his sword to get the bullet out, eviscerating the man and making a bloody mess. It is at this point that Kane realizes that he has just killed a man at 5:30 in the evening in the middle of the summer, on a busy street. There are dozens of witnesses, with cell phone footage, Kane tries to salvage things by using his finger to paint “Marcelli” with the victims blood and then flees the scene, leaving Rincon Thorsgvod, a dock foreman at Shnicky Shipping Enterprises, dead.

When Kane gets back to the Tarcconne family warehouse they are furious. The murder happened at 5:30, and was breaking news by 6:00, complete with cell footage that clearly shows Kane. After telling him off in front of the rest of the characters they take him next door and beat him senseless, dropping him back off in the characters room half dead, trusting his regeneration to bring him back.

The characters set a plan for breaking in. That night they gear up and head out, but they won’t let Kane bring any weapons, none at all. Finally he agrees, and after failing to hide one on himself they head out to the docks. Kaycee stays with the get away car, her gold ford focus (they have a really hard time fitting, much grumbling ensues). Jane and the Wizard are covering the crew. Kane and Nick dress as homeless people and move along to the rear of the yard carrying a barrel of trash. Nick lights it on fire when they get to the back and the two pretend to be drunk homeless people. They sing, then get in a fight. They are able to successfully draw the two guards to the back side fence.

Beast hops the fence, getting tangled for a couple of phases before extracting himself and sneaking to the door. He picks the lock and uses his maps to identify likely places for the office computer inside. He finds it on the second story, picks that lock, and accesses the computer. While he searches outside Nick and Kane are trying to cause a raucous without being so bad that he police are called in. Beast finds the shipping container number logged in the manifest of a ship called North of Moscow that is due to come near Hudson, but not actually come into port tomorrow. He hacks in to the email server and searches for the shipping container, coming up with a couple of emails that tell him that the container is being loaded offshore onto a different ship, a vessel called the Red Dawn, currently in dock at Sunshine Fishing Docks.

Armed with this information Beast locks up behind himself, steals the security tapes and goes to leave. Wizard has grown bored and uses a dancing mirage of himself to cause trouble in the yard. He also fires off an energy blast, putting the guards on high alert. Beast gets back over the wall while the guards try and deal with the mirage (and call the cops). The characters escape in Kaycee’s focus, Kaycee manages to run over a street sign, bus bench, and fire hydrant on her way out.

After debating how to highjack the container, en route after it has been loaded or highjacking the truck first and letting them load it etc, they decide instead to highjack the boat before it comes in. Beast rents a boat in human form and they head out to intercept the ship offshore.

They find the fishing boat coming back in. The characters pull up along side and climb aboard. Jane leaps to the top of the pilot house and shorts out the radio. Kane and Beast come out swinging. Kaycee and Wizard also come on board. The crew are unarmed but fight back. Beast throws one overboard. Kane eviscerates one and head into the pilot house.

Kaycee stops to help the one that Kane cut open (who is bleeding very badly). Kaycee heals 8 of the sailors woulds (and therefore takes 8 body to her own stomach). While she is trying to recover Kane comes back out of the wheel house to see the man he gutted being healed by Kaycee. Kane decapitates him, showering Kaycee in more blood. Jane comes out of the pilothouse to see Kane standing over a decapitated body and Kaycee bleeding from her abdomen. Assuming that the wound came from Kane, Jane hits him with her powered up fist. She smashes Kane, knocking him out and sending him flying overboard and into the soup. The characters look out the back of the boat in the rough seas but do no see him anywhere.

They tie up the crew and manage to bring the boat to the Tarcconne family docks where they unload the container from the cargo hold. They then take the boat out closer to the Melenko docks and sabotage the engine, leaving the Marcelli cell phone on the ship, and escape with the boat.

They have successfully stolen the shipping container for the Don.

Check out this episodes Hudson City News .

You can also see more information via the Police Blotter.

Chapter 1: Episode 4
Bank on It

There are mixed reviews to the characters last mission. In the debriefing it is clear that they Tarcconne syndicate is almost relieved that Kane was killed. (Though they would prefer to have a body for proof.) The are generally pleased with the mission results.

Vinnie sits them down and gives them their next assignment. Vinnie wants them rob a bank, a small branch of Flag National that is located in Little Italy. The bank is currently accepting protection from Marcelli family. Vinnie wants to put pressure on the manager to be open to accepting “offers” for new protection. He wants the characters to rob the bank twice in the same week, to convince the manager that the Marcelli family can’t hack it. Of course, he also wants it to look like the job was done by the Molenko family.

While the characters are not too happy about the situation they don’t have many options at this point, so they set about formulating a plan of action. Nick and Beast (in human form) go in to check out the branch. Beast looks at the security and opens a checking account while Nick opens up a safety deposit box. While in the vault he has a chance to look at the safe as well. With their surveillance complete they leave to make preparations.

Nick “acquires” a city truck with some traffic cones. Wizard goes shopping and picks up some knock off AK-47’s from a pawn shop in Moscow West (made in China). They try to dress up like Russians and use gel and red dye to spike Beast’s hair in animal form, along with a spiked collar and lots of toothpaste (for mouth foam). Then with trench coats and their AK’s the group moves in.

Kaycee blocks off the road with the traffic cones and city vehicle, leaving access to a road for them while limiting through traffic. Nick goes into the bank and requests access to his safety deposit box, putting him inside the vault. Jane has previously identified where the power comes in from a neighboring roof. She pulls the power and electrocutes herself, powering up while knocking out the banks electricity. The Wizard and Beast go into the bank armed with bad Russian accents and accompanied by the Wizards theme music.

Beast leaps up and tears down the two security cameras. Wizard and Nick exchange fire with the security guard and Marcelli goons. Beast jumps on the security guard and takes him out while Nick wounds the mafia guard. Wizard tries to shoot out a third camera and does a good job of hitting everything but that. Finally beast dispatches the last camera while the Wizard tries to talk the tellers into letting him into the back. Nick stays put in the vault to keep his cover as a bank patron.

Amazingly, with a little flattery, he is able to sweet talk one of them into opening the door. He kisses her, then pushes her outside. The bank manager comes out with a sawed off shotgun and shoots Wizard, whose protective shield completely absorbs the blast, leaving an outline of him striking a pose in shotgun pellets on the wall. The manager surrenders to the Wizard as Jane comes in to cover the front with beast. Wizard goes into the vault and they destroy the camera vault, then Nick gets to work burning through the safe.

The take the money and run, using the city vehicle as a get away truck. Kaycee takes out a mailbox with the truck on the way. The ditch the truck and make their way back to the Tarcconne warehouse to begin planning their second robbery.

Beast goes in the next day to withdraw his money. They tell him that no with drawls will happen until a couple days later. They have heavy security and are in the process of making repairs. The characters try to surreptitiously watch the bank off and on over the next few days. While they formulate their next plan.

The construction process included rerouting the power. Jane is tasked with knocking it out once more. They figure out that the power is now being routed from a building that touches to some of the businesses above the bank. Jane picks up a portable saw from a department store and makes an appointment with Biniti‚Äôs Hair and Nails, located above the bank, reserving the entire thing for a “bachelorette party”.

On the day of the second robbery the group takes their positions. Kaycee has removed the manhole cover that is to be their escape route and covered the open hole with her focus. Jane goes to her appointment. She tries to pay off Binit and his girls, offering them lots of money to go take a coffee break and paying for the the party up front. They seem unsure and time is of the essence, so Jane finally pulls a gun and locks them all in the closet. She assembles the saw and blade from her purse and begins cutting into the wall where the power is located. She uses the skillzall to cut through and into the power lines, shorting them out and powering herself up. Then she hears a large crashing noise and the whole building shakes.

From across the road Beast, Wizard, and Nick see something strange. An armored van barrels down the street and smashes through the front doors of the bank. The doors open up and a group of masked men boil out. The characters elect to wait and let these robbers do the hard work. The men gun down the security and a couple of them post outside the bank. Inside the robbers are taking all of the patrons valuables while they break into the safe.

Jane comes down the fire escape while the Wizard, Nick, and Beast move in from the front. They don’t notice the small girl who sees Beast leave the alley. Interested, her eyes glowing blue, she floats around the corner to try and find find the “doggie”, like some possessed orphan child. Beast crawls under the van grabs one of the men, and pulls him under. Jane, Nick, and the Wizard begin to exchange fire with the others. The floating girl enters the bank and is fired upon by the robbers. Enraged, she begins to pummel them telekenetically. Beast emerged from under the van to join the fray while the Wizard secures the van. Disable the rest of the men and prepare to steal the van.

The girl, whose name is Sarah, telepathically contacts Beast, who recognizes that she is easily influenced. He shows her his apartment (mentally) with the promise he will meet her there. She is excited about the prospect of visiting the doggies home and leaves. The characters drive the van out and back to the ware house, leaving a very confused Kaycee in the focus. She ran over 3 parking meters on her way back.

The mission is a success and the consecutive robberies are enough for Flag National to accept the Tarcconne families “proposal” of new protection.

When the characters leave the debriefing they go back to Beasts apartment to meet the little girl Sarah. After spending some time getting to know here they decide she is an aberration, a being from another plane who took possession of a dying body. Sarah moves in with Jane and her sister.

Events from the session can be seen in the Hudson City News.

Additional details of what is happening around the city can be gleaned from the Police Blotter.

Chapter 1: Episode 5
Bad Fit....You Are Out

In the time between episode 4 and 5 things have continued to worsen between the Marcelli and Molenko families. The fighting has spilled over to include firebombings. They also learn that the robbers they bumped into successfully robbed three other banks.

Beast sees the article about the dog that was shot. hacks into shooters bank account and “pays restitution” to the dog owner.

While Vinnie was mostly pleased with the last mission, when they met again after training, they got an earful. Apparently, after seeing the van drive away past her, and not knowing that the characters had stolen it, Kaycee had gone back into the bank, and finding several injured among the bystanders, security, and the rival bank robbers, she had helped those who had the greatest injuries before fleeing. Vinnie is especially annoyed since they warned her after she helped the sailors in episode 3. You can’t masquerade as Russian mafia and go around healing people! Vinnie dismisses the characters, calls Kaycee out of the room and leaves with her. Nick splits as well.

As Beast is leaving he notices that Vinnie has left his cell phone on his chair. Jane steals the phone and drops it in her purse. When they leave the warehouse Beast takes the phone home and goes to work on it in his human form. He cracks the password and gains access to the main phone. He looks at calls, emails, and texts. He learns more about the Oath devices, and that Vinnie’s cell phone is the trigger for his (Beasts) Oath device. They realize they need to figure out the other triggers and try to locate them. He finds a series of emails from Vinnie describing the characters and their mission performance to other people. To read his emails, go here.

The emails also imply that Kaycee is going to be removed from the family later that night. They discuss what their options are. Wizard has already left, they try calling Nick and leave a message. They go to the hospital to warn Kaycee, they track her down just as she is getting off shift and getting ready to leave. They tell her they will be there as well, she just needs to be careful.

Jane and Beast leave and get to the apartments early, hiding on the roof. Beast talks to Sarah telepathically and they have her waiting on the roof of the neighboring building. Iron Mike and Micky the Rat arrive. They don’t see Beast and Jane. Mike is on the phone, they can hear him talking to goons down below who are watching for Kaycee to arrive. He hangs up and a couple of minutes later she comes out on the rooftops. Mike calls her away from the door, and as she moves Mickey starts to move to position himself behind them. Beast sees Micky reach for a necklace that he always wears, and fearing that it is the trigger for Kaycee’s Oath device, the characters attack.

Jane shoots Mike in the back with electricity while Beast attacks Micky. Sarah flies in and fires at Micky as well. Kaycee hits Mike and drains some of his body away. Mike swings a massive hand and stuns her. Beast and Sarah keep fighting Micky who is having a hard time hitting them. Jane can here people coming up the fire escape, she looks down and spots 4 goons coming up from below. She reaches out and discharges in to the fire escape, blasting three of the four men clean off. The last one chickens out and runs.

Jane turns back to see Sarah get tagged by Micky and sent flying. Kaycee recovers but Mike hits her again, knocking her out and nearly smashing her clean through the top of the roof. Beast and Jane hit Micky and knock him out. Sarah recovers before hitting the ground. Mike sees Micky go down and charges Jane, hitting her with a move through attack, Jane is knocked out, and sent flying onto the roof of the next building. Nick arrives, having received their message. Sarah is back up and flying, trying to get a bead on Mike. Nick runs along and sets the roof on fire creating a smoke screen. Beast moves around taunting Mike. Mike tears a massive satellite dish off the roof and tries to take beast out with it. It sails wide and smashes into building a couple of blocks down.

Beast, Nick, and Sarah all unload onto Mike. Beast charges in for a move through and smashes into Mike while Sarah grabs him telekinetically and squeezes. Nick hits Mike from behind with flame at the same time. They succeed in stunning him, and then it is all over, as they pile on the hits to knock him unconscious. They briefly discuss their dilemma. If word gets out that they saved Kaycee the Tarcconne could detonate their Oath devices and kill them. They decide the only way is to eliminate Iron Mike and Mickey the Rat. They take the Oath trigger off Mickey and leave them on the roof which they set ablaze. They go through the apartment building from the top down, making sure every one gets out alive…..except those two.

The Characters head to ground. Jane and Nick can be placed at the scene of the fight by the GPS trackers in their Oath devices. They have the triggers for Beast and Kaycee. Beast sends Vinnie the New an email warning them that they know he has been talking to someone outside of the organization and that they will disclose that to the rest of the family if they try and come after them for saving Kaycee.

To read more about the episodes events and other news from this time check out the Hudson City News.

For extra details look at the Police Blotter

Chapter 1: Episode 6

Vinnie the New scrambles to cover his own tracks while trying to explain to his superiors how Iron Mike and Mickey the Rat were killed. He tells them that the Russians are onto them, and that they ambushed Mike and Mickey.

As the characters struggle to figure out what to do Jane receives a phone call from a man who identifies himself as Val. He suggests they have mutual enemies and that they meet. They arrange to meet in Westlow Park in Irishtown. Jane and Beast go to meet him. Val, it turns out, is a vampire and a daywalker at that. Val lets them know that he is at odds with a rival vampire clan who is allied with the Tarcconne family, and has been watching this batch of new recruits carefully. He suggests that a break from the Tarcconne family would benefit him as well since it leaves them with far fewer abnormals. Val makes it clear that he is not offering aid through combat, but rather suggestions. He encourages the characters to consider what they know about the Tarcconne family that they could use against them to secure their freedom in a clear break. Then Jane and the Beast leave and return to the other characters.

They know that VInnie has not ratted them out, or they would be dead already. Looking through his emails again they try to figure out who he was contacting. They realize the email address backwards spells Padrusky. A quick search turns up Faith Padrusky, who heads the City Wide Task force with the HCPD. Jane contacts Faith and tells her they know about the emails. Faith admits that Vinnie is a mole, his role with the family means she is the first to know about all recruiting activities and much of the lower level crime, making him a valuable asset. Faith is apologetic about not warning the characters, specifically Kaycee, about the threat to her life, since that might have blown VInnie’s cover (which could potentially threaten many more lives in the future). Since they now know Faith leaves the decision on whether to rat out Vinnie in the characters hands.

Jane and Beast decide not to rat out Vinnie. They discuss what else they have on the family. They know the family has been framing Marcelli family to worsen relations with the Molenko syndicate. They can provide information to confirm the container heist and bank attacks originated from the Tarcconne family. The discussion turns to the container, since the characters don’t actually know what they stole. They decide to investigate the warehouse where the container was offloaded.

They pull in Sarah, Nick, and Kaycee to go with them. Beast pulls up the best floor plans he can find for the warehouse. Sarah can tunnel, so they try and tunnel their way into the ware house the best they can. Once they get inside (ending up between a couple of rows in the warehouse, Beast and Jane crawl out to take a look. They see the container is being unloaded into trucks, supervised by Voltiac and a bunch of goons. The cargo appears to be be power suits. The suits have markings on them similar to those found on playing cards.

The players hatch a new plan. They make a new tunnel that leads them under the truck. While Nick stays behind in the warehouse to start a fire, then runs through the tunnel to the rest of the group as fast as he can. When Nick arrives they wait for the fire to be discovered inside the warehouse and then they roll out from underneath the truck.

Beast has changed back into his human form, and is butt naked. He rolls out and checks the driver side door. It is locked, so he grabs a rock and breaks the window, then hops in on a hot seat full of glass. The keys are in there so he starts it up. Jane and Kaycee jump into the back of the truck, while Sarah and Nick climb in the front with Beast. The guards notice the characters and order them out of the truck, so Beast guns it and they open fire. Beast is hit in the arm and wounded, impairing his driving, but still rams through the gates. Nick ignites a seat cushion and throws it in the back of the a pickup truck with guards in it. Meanwhile Kaycee and Jane are desperately fighting several men in the back of the truck who were helping load suits.

The pickup guns its engine and gives chase. The back of the stolen truck is down and they are dragging the ramp behind them while Kaycee and Jane fight the guards. Sarah starts to tunnel from the cab into the back of the truck. The pickup is firing at the stolen truck and manages to hit one of the tires. Nick tries to throw more flaming debris back at them but only succeeds in getting melted burning plastic stuck to the passenger side mirror.

The pickup truck is maneuvering to try and pass them. Between the bare butt on hot seat/broken glass, the bullet in his arm, the flat tire, and burning passenger side mirror, Beast is having a hard time keeping tabs on the truck. He is swerving all over the place to keep them from passing. He hits a bunch of parking meters and then takes out most of a taco stand. Despite the damage and distractions he regains control of the vehicle. The impact knocks Jane down along with Sarah and one of the agents, it also knocks Kaycee out of the back of the truck completely. A random roll determines that she lands on the hood of the pickup truck that is pursuing them.

Against all odds Kaycee rolls a perfect three to actually hand on to the hood and not just get run over or fall off. Some of the suits have actually fallen off the back of the truck and the pickup is having to swerve to avoid them, throwing off their aim. Jane pulls herself back into the truck and with Sarah they dispatch one of the guards. The guards in the back of the pickup fire and accidentally hit the other guard fighting Jane and Sarah. He falls out the back and is run over. A car on the other side of the street loses control, Beast is able to avoid it but the pickup is not, they collide and Kaycee goes flying off the hood. To the great amusement of all the characters, and to Kaycee’s great relief, she once again defies the odds and instead of getting run over by traffic, getting squashed by the crash, flying out and hitting the building, or a dozen other bad things, a roll of 12 on 2d6 means she is instead catapulted back into the cargo bay of the truck she fell out of, where she lands on top of Jane, Sarah, and a pile of knocked over power suits.

In reviewing the suits they also figure out that the symbols mean the suits were intended for the Card Shark crime syndicate, one of the largest, and most dangerous, syndicates in the city. It appears the Russians were importing the suits for him. Blaming the Marcelli family for the theft means they were suffering payback from Card Shark as he tried to recover the power suits. If Card Shark discovered it was really the Tarcconne family who had stolen the suits…….

With this information in hand the Beast sends Vinnie a new email, one that threatens to tell Card Shark, and the Marcellis, and the Molenko syndicates the truth about the suit thefts and the bank robbery, unless they hand over the oath device triggers for Jane and Nick and allow them to break ties with the family without further repercussions. They also tell them that if they set the devices off a prearranged system will send the information to the crime syndicates and the news automatically, requiring the characters to be alive to keep the information from sending. With that in place the characters sit tight and hope for the best.

A different take on the sessions events and other things happening around the city can be found in The Hudson City News and the Police Blotter.

Chapter 1: Episode 7

After their latest threat against them the Tarcconne family is finally listening. They don’t want Card Shark to find out the truth. They have tried to find the truck with the suits, but the characters have moved it several times over the last couple of weeks. Their favorite spot has included a some abandoned buildings in Le Mastre park. Several of them are also hiding out in the building (and at Beasts apartment) since Jane and Kaycee’s apartments are know to the family.

The PC’s get another call, this time from Voltiac, who wants to set up terms. The characters will hand over the suits in return for the triggers for Jane, Wizard and Nick. They arrange for the exchange to take place in Le Mastre Park.

At the appointed time the characters move to the park. They have Nick take the suits in the truck to a different part of the city. Voltiac shows up to make the exchange. There is a little banter back and forth, with Voltiac very clear on where he feels the characters fit into the grand scheme of things. He demands to know where the suits are, the characters give him the coordinates and he sends a few of his goons to go check. After Voltiac confirms that the suits are there he smiles and tells the characters that he has changed his mind and isn’t going to give them the triggers after all. He points at Beast, who grabs one of Voltiac’s men and pulls him in front of him. Voltiac just shrugs and shoots the man, killing him.

The characters dive into action. Jane and Sarah at Voltiac, but he shrugs the attacks off. Kaycee and Sarah engage one of the goons. Voltiac fires and hits Sarah, knocking her away from the fight. Beast knocks out another goon and Jane and Kaycee take down the the third. Voltiac fires at Kaycee and she goes down in a shower of sparks.

Sarah moves back in and grabs Voltiac with telekenesis. Jane fires and hits him and Beast does his favorite thing….he charges in and knocks him over. Voltiac pulls the pin on a grenade and rolls it away from him just slighlty. It is one of his shockwave grenades. The blast throws the characters off their feet with the exception of the flying Sarah, who gets launched much further than she expected. While the group is recovering Voltiac triggers his boosters and hutles, skipping along, through the bushes and out of sight.

Jane then gets a call from Vinnie. He assures them that Voltiac was not acting on orders from the family, he never had the triggers (he was the handler for the now deceased Kane Wolfheart). Further investigation proves that Voltiac has stolen the suits and gone rogue. Vinnie offers a new deal on behalf of the Tarcconne family, they characters deliver Voltiac and the family will help them remove the Oath devices. As a show of good faith they deliver Jane’s and Wizards Oath triggers, leaving just Nick at risk.

The characters return to the abandoned buildings in the park. When they get there they see vehicles outside of them. The characters go inside, and realize that they appear to be interrupting a drug deal between two gangs. A wild melee breaks out with the characters doing surprisingly well against the gangsters, who despite outnumbering the PC’s more than two to one are dealt with in less than one turn. Not one of the gangsters are able to escape (even with a couple of them trying to get out on motorcycles). The characters now have a dozen unconcious drug dealers, various weapons, a pile of illegal drugs, and a duffel bag stuffed with bills. They decide to dump the unconscious criminals and the drugs outside the main Park Police office. The duffel bag holds several hundred thousand dollars in cash that was being used to purchase the drugs. They decide to keep the cash to try and purchase the abandoned buildings that they have been hiding out in.

The episode ends with the PC’s making plans for the future, one that hopefully includes all of them.

For more information about the sessions events see the Hudson News and the Police Blotter.

Chapter 2: Episode 1
The Swaying Swan

The PC’s decide to make an offer on the abandoned buildings in the park with the drug money (which the Tarcconne family launders through the recently acquired Flag National branch so it is clean for the purchase of property). Jane will be the official owner of the property and the only one on title. After the fee to launder the money, the purchase price, and the closing costs they don’t expect to have much left over. (The Tarcconne family don’t mind helping the characters get established. They have put the word out that the PC’s are out to get Voltiac, having them tied down to one place increases the likelihood of a showdown, something they definitely want to happen. At this point they have lost all of their recent recruits, two of their mutants were killed, and a prodigy has gone turncoat. The organization is reeling and not keen to lose more men trying to bring Voltiac down). The Wizard has decided that with his Oath trigger in his hands he wants to spend time with the bank teller he wooed during the robbery, and has been wooing ever since. He has had enough of syndicates and goes to ground, leaving the PC’s to fend for themselves.

Jane shows up at the title company and signs her life away. It is only after the loan is closed and they are back at the buildings that they begin to realize what they have really gotten themselves into. The paperwork is voluminous, and confusing, but a few things become clear. The properties are the Chimera Museum, where famous local Chimera were displayed. The previous owners died in 1979, at which point the museum was turned over to the Hudson City Zoo, who had neither the money or manpower to run it properly. The buildings fell into disrepair, something the Zoo has gotten alot of grief over, so they were happy to unload them.

It turns out there were other reasons to unload the property. The original land agreement stipulates that the property could only ever be the Chimera Museum, a matter that is reinforced by the Le Mastre park preservation trust and zoning act, and that the new owners have to have it up and running in three months time. In addition, there are currently 12.5 million dollars in liens against the property, debt that Jane as the owner has now inherited. Plus, the property taxes alone, due in November, are roughly half a million dollars a year, more than the group payed for the properties. On top of all of this the property is badly in need of repairs, likely to cost millions of dollars, to get it up to tip top shape. The PC’s have acquired the Museum, storage barn, and outbuildings at a great price, located right in the middle of the city, with the discretion that is offered by the park, but they have also purchased an enormous money pit. (All of this explains why there were not a dozen other organizations chomping at the bit to make other offers for the property). If only they had read the fine print…..

The PC’s are trying to get their ducks in a row. When word of the purchase gets out they get visits from several of the syndicates in the area, including the Hudson City Zoo, Park Rangers, Dark Wood Pack (werewolf syndicated that lives in the park) and the Keepers of the Wood, a syndicate of druids that also serve as the parks primary groundskeepers. Their leader, Perrin, comes to visit in person. When he does, Sarah, who has been staying with the PC’s, meets him at the door. They have been in communication telepathically for the last few weeks. Sarah has decided to leave and join the druids. They are interested in learning more about where she came from and helping her acclimate to her new life.

While the PC’s wait for news of Voltiac they get to work on the museum. They had put out an ad for a curator, and Jane is reviewing the three applications that they received. Only one of them has extensive experience with Chimera, an individual by the name of Sigmend Valentine (who prefers to be called Sig). During their interview it becomes clear that Sigmend knows far more about Chimera than the rest of them combined. He is hired on the spot and begins inventorying what chimera the group has in inventory and planning displays.

The Tarcconne does have some leads on Voltiac. Voltiac stole recruitment records before he left, the famly believes that he is planning on trying to pressgang some of the individuals on the families watch list before they can be reached. They know this since he already made an attempt on one of them, a man by the name of Xander, who escaped and has gone underground. The other lead was a young woman by the name of Kat who works at the Swaying Swan, the most notorious mutant and aberration bar in the city. Jane and Beast go to see Kat, they use the excuse that they are looking to hire security for the museum; Sig comes along, eager to vet the individual who might be protecting his precious chimera.

Xander escaped from the abduction attempt and has been trying to figure out who was after him. After getting away he turned the tables on his attackers and followed them instead. He has been monitoring the activities of the one he followed home ever since. He is currently outside the Swaying Swan, watching two of his would be abductors as the stake out the bar. He is still trying to figure out who they are an what they are doing.

Xander spots Jane, Beast, and Sig entering the bar. He notes that when they do, the men watching the bar take great interest and immediately begin making calls. Xander watches them carefully. Jane, Beast and Sig enter the Swaying Swan. As they come in a woman is coming out, a man danging from each hand, she deposits them on the street and comes back in, moving to a corner where she can watch the room. They have never seen so many blatant mutants and aberrations in one spot in their lives as they make up the majority of the bars patrons. They push through and speak to Reggie, the owner and bartender, a massive man with two heads. One of his heads carries on a conversation with the PC’s while the other takes more orders. After overpaying for a drink Reggie points them towards Kat, confirming their suspicions that the woman who just kicked the louts out is who they are looking for. The characters move over and introduce themselves. They are beginning to let her know that the believe someone is looking for here when the door flies open.

Xander had been watching from outside. When a vehicle pulls up and two men in power suits get out he takes notice. The men he was watching direct the suits to the bar and then split. Xander quietly follows the suits up to the bar and inside.
After the suits make their appearance them waste no time announcing themselves as Hudson police officers. There is a mad dash for the back of the bar as everyone tries to get out. The other officer points at Kat and fires off a flash grenade that takes the whole party by surprise, blinding them. Beast, who is especially susceptible to flash attacks against his eyes, blindly goes after the goes after the suits, destroying a table instead. Sig dives for cover and tries to recover while Kat and Jane try to grapple with their attackers.

One of them lashes out, kicking Jane aside while the other opens fire on Beast, wounding him. Beast is still having a hard time finding his opponents, though he does a good job at obliterating a barstool. Xander attacks from behind, surprising the suit and thumping him. Beast manages to sink his teeth into one of the suits arms, while Sig has recovered and comes in swinging a sword. The suit pops out a blade and fights back, exchanging wounds. Beast takes another shot from the one he is fighting with while dealing out some damage of his own. Jane hits one of them with an EMP blast, trying to disable the suit. Xander takes a hit and gets thrown back, while the other suit fires off a grenade sending the PC’s scrambling for cover once more. Sig charges back in, cutting into the suit and stunning him while Beast and Jane pummel him into submission. Kat finally gets her hands on the other suit and smashes him halfway through the wall. With sirens in the distance they beat a hasty retreat.

Kat isn’t entirely sure about the characters, but they did help her against her attackers. They offer her a position with the museum, and considering how she just wrecked her place of employment, she accepts. While leaving Beast tries to track Xander. He succeeds in following him for several blocks before Xander loses him in the subway crowd.

Kat returns with them to the Museum where they find all of the front windows broken out. They may have kept Kat from falling to Voltiac, but he has made it clear that he knows were they are at.

For more details on this episodes activities look at the Hudson City News and the Police Blotter.

Of particular note are the indications that the drug related slayings may be related.

Chapter 2: Episode 2
The Pack

The vigilante syndicate known as the Pack has burst onto the scene, claiming the drug related killings over the last 6 weeks and now moving to high profile targets, slaying a drug lord on trail while he exited the courthouse steps, blowing up a crack house, and attacking the Ballado mansion, killing the Don and 8 of his men. They make no bones about their targets, anyone related to the drug trade is fair game; dealers, users, mules, and the men who call the shots.

The PC’s continue to try and get the museum settled. They put out an add for a fundraising/pr manager and Xander responds. He is interviewed and hired on, with Beast making the connection on who he is. The characters are realizing the need create a syndicate to protect themselves and those that are important, the museum is the framework that they use to support their activities. At this point their syndicate formally includes Jane, Beast, Sig, Kat, Xander, Kaycee and Nick, with three former members, Kane, Sarah, and Wizard. They start to formalize their roles at the museum and in the syndicate. Jane is the Director of the Museum, while still a professor at the university, Sig is the Curator, Xander the fundraising/PR manager, and Beast in his human form is over IT and communications. Kat is over security. Kaycee still works for Queens but lives now at the Museum. She loves to cook, and is often found in the kitchen when not on shift or when waiting on call. No one is sure what Nick does, exactly, since he claims he is still a student, though no one is sure what he is studying.

Jane is contacted by Faith Padrusky with the City Wide Taskforce. She is grateful that they didn’t rat out Vinnie, a move that will help the HCPD keep tabs on the mafia families. Faith asks for some help, the police are struggling to get a lid on the situation with Mongrel and the Pack, she is reaching out to various partner organizations, bounty hunters and the like, looking for allies. She asks if they will look into the most recent attack at the Ballado mansion to see if they can dig anything up on Mongrel. She is aware of their abilities, due to her contacts with Vinnie, and wants to cast her net wide. Jane agrees and the team moves out to the mansion.

Jane, Beast, Xander, Kat and Sig arrive at the crime scene where they are greeted by Shamus, a private investigator brought in by Faith. Shamus shows them around the crime scene. Xander is convinced that the attaackers used cranes and heavy equipment to breach the gates and destroy the guard house, much to the amusement of Shamus (really bad deduction roll). The front doors were breached, and the alarm system left on, perhaps intentionally. They follow the trail of carnage up stairs to the den, where the Don was killed. His desk and computer have been shot to pieces. While Xander talks with Shamus outside in the hall about his crazy theories on how it happened, Beast transforms to a human to examine the computer. While looking to see if the hard drive is in damaged he notices a damaged cd in the tray. He removes the CD, gives it to Jane, and transforms back into beast.

The party thanks Shamus, promise to tell him if they learn anything, and head out. Back at the museum Beast reconstructs the data the best he can from the cd. The data extracted is coded, but he is able to break the code. There is a date, Brandeir Shipyards, 22:00, Peruvian. 300 kilos. They read this as an incoming drug shipment and Mongrels next target. They investigate the docks during the day and identify some potential targets. There are three South American ships that they are keeping an eye on, spread across the shipyard, The Brazil Star, Amigo, and Senorita Maria. Beast does his best to try and sniff out any possible drugs but is only able to search and eliminate the Brazil Star. They decide to settle in and watch from the outside for them to make their move.

At 9:34 they spot a man running towards the gates. He hits them and breaks them open like they are not even there. The PC’s begin to run to try and catch him. He is faster than they realize and stays ahead of them easily. The man charges down the docks, right up the gangplank and into the pilot house. As the party runs down the docks and up to the ship the rest of the Pack show up. Moondog emerges from the water and climbs on the docks and Hellhound Drops Mongrel on top of the pilot house. Beast rushes in the pilot house, sees Rottweiler finishing off the crew and makes a hasty exit. Beast and Kat battle Rottweiler on the ship, Jane duels with Hellhound, Sig takes on Moondog, and Xander moves for position on the docks.

On the ship Kat takes the metal pilot house door and slams Rottweiler aside. Mongrel drops down and shoots Beast, but Beast knocks him down and tears into him with his teeth, stunning him and knocking him down. Doberman comes up from below to join the fight and slips on the blood from Mongrel, landing right at Kat’s feet. Kat pancakes him with the door, stunning him and nearly knocking him out. Rottweiler charges back in, knocking Kat aside and giving Doberman time to recover. He runs and dives into the water. Beast and Mongrel keep fighting, both of them drawing blood. it becomes clear to Mongrel that his initial injury is worse than he thought, and he cuts his losses, knocking Beast back and diving overboard.

On the docks Hellhound uses his heat vision to target Xander who is ready to surprise Moondog. Hellhound blasts him, knocking him off the dock and into the water. Xander sees Mongrel dive off the boat and tries to follow him in the water to see where he is going. Jane and Hellhound continue to exchange shots, but when Hellhound connects his blast is more powerful, knocking her back. Sig is holding his own against Moondog, and possibly even getting the upper hand, when the now free Hellhound blasts him from the side, knocking him off the docks, and into the side of the ship where he grabs onto a rope to keep from falling into the soup.

Back on the ship Rottweiler shrugs off beast knocks him to the edge of the boat. He grabs Kat and performs his back-breaker, hurting her badly. Seeing that they are down to just the three of them with a good chance to escape considering the party’s current positions, Rottweiler and Moondog dive into the waster and make their escape as Hellhound flies interference.

The injured characters retreat back to the Museum. Kaycee is off shift and able to tend to their injuries. They contact Faith and tell her what happened when they showed up at the location. Faith is a little surprised they didn’t give her a heads up (as is Shamus), but glad they survive to fight another day.

For more information about this episode see the Hudson City News.

Chapter 2: Episode 3
Subway blues

While Pack seems to have lowered their profile a little since the attack on the Brandweir docks the killings continue. The Tarcconne family is putting pressure on the players to fulfill their promise to bring in Voltiac as well.

Reviewing the news they identify the power outage at Red Hill as a possible indication of Voltiac’s activity. They move out to the Red Hill subway station. Jane, Beast and Kat try to find information. They break off and make efforts to cozy up to the homeless who hang around the station all the time (Beast is in human form). Beast gets beat up by a bag lady, while Kat and Jane make friends with Mags. For the price of Jane’s coat they find out that Voltiac is referred to as King Can, that he has many of the homeless on his payroll and that they carry messages for him. They have also seen men in power suits coming and going. They hang around and watch the drop spots, Beast gets a message that is dropped off and is promptly mobbed by homeless. The Subway Security, broke things up and told them to move along.

During the scuffle Kat jumps down onto the tracks and moves back to explore the end of the line. She spots a mechanic working on some train cars and goes to talk to him. She offers a $10 bribe and when he continues to be a tad elusive pushes him up against the rail car. The mechanic is impressed, snatches the bill from her hands, and tells her that they do see people down here on occasion. He suggests that if she is looking for trouble that she should check out a maintenance substation down the line. As she is finishing up Jane and Beast, now in dog form, approach. The mechanic quips that he has not seen a werewolf since old sparky and his boys moved in a couple of weeks ago.

The group go to investigate the substation. They climb up and enter in the hatch were they find two men, one out of his powersuit and working on the electrical lines running through the substation and the other all suited up. The five of them fight in very close quarters and they are able to quickly take down the guy out of the suit without too much trouble. The powersuit fellow is more trouble, but faced with three to one odds he eventually goes down to Kats signature hoist and heave into the wall maneuver.

They can’t make heads or tails of the modifications, so Jane just tears them apart while Beast dulls his teeth trying to trash the suit. The fight has drawn attention, so they crawl along the subway line through the maintenance tunnels, destroying modified wiring until they get past Hunterton, where the changes stop. The party heads back to the museum figuring that they have at least slowed Voltiac down, though they have not figured out where he is or what he is planning. Beast wants to find out more about the werewolves being driven out and while Kat and Jane want to explore the sewers near the zombie reports that were in the news.

Kat and Jane drop down and move south until they run into a couple of individuals in the sewer who challenge them. As they talk the find out that the two men, Josh and Imesson, are vampires. The vampires warm up to these two clearly adventurous lasses in the sewers and the they get a general idea of who controls what. The vampires control to the south of where they are, the zombies to the west, and the werewolves used to control to the east, though a new group has muscled in there. Kat and Jane thank them and leave the sewers to share what they have learned.

Beast meanwhile had gone back to the Museum. He puts in a call to Shamus to see if he knows anything about a werewolf pack being pushed out of their territory, he does not but suggests they might talk to the Dark Wood pack that controls the park. Beast goes deep into the park and is confronted by three werewolves who want to know why he is on their turf. He asks about the werewolves being pushed out and is told that the River Rats and Blood Moon pack are feuding over territory by the river. Beast leaves, with the feeling that he might have offended them.

He meets up with Kat and Jane and they share what they found. They head out to the river and move along the shore until they pick up werewolf scents. Soon it is clear they are being followed by werewolves, until they are confronted by a large group of very poorly fed wolves, the River Rat Pack. The ask what pack Beast is from and he is unable to answer, there is also no clear leader among Kat, Beast and Jane. They are led to meet with Grey Paw, the one eared leader of the River Rats, a large group of werewolves, primarily weak, loners who have been pushed out of of other packs. Grey Paw also asks what pack Beast is from. Beast talks about how they want to kick Voltiac out of the sewers.

Gray Paw leads them east along the river where they meet members of the Blood Moon pack, led by Bright Fang and Ragged Claw. The Blood Moons are interested in what Beast has to say. They describe being pushed out. Voltiac enlisted the aid of one of the street gangs, the Doom Fever Posse, who control the territory above the sewers and subway tunnels that the Blood Moon Pack claimed. Voltiac, with his powered goons, and a large group of Doom Fever Posse members ambushed the pack in their den under Hunterton station, killing a couple members of the pack and making the rest flee. After a couple of attempts to come back it was clear that Voltiac and the Posse were there to stay, so they reluctantly moved to River Rat territory and carved out some breathing space. Beast agrees to find out more information and to help them.

The episode ends with the party reconvened at the museum where Jane, Beast and Kat update the other members on what they have learned.

For more information about what happened during the episode and around Hudson check out the _______________________


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