Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 9
The New Mob

The holidays have been quiet for order members. After the successful grand opening the Tarconne family finally made good on their promise to remove the Oath devices. The surgery occurred at Queens and Sheppard, Jane, Nick and Kaycee are worry free for the first time in more than six months and spend the next couple of weeks recovering.

Jane, Sid and Xander are going to a city council meeting that is reviewing the Le Mastre Park zoning ordinances. They see a black caddy that is followed by a Alpha Romero. At a stop light the sports car pulls even with its windows down and the occupants open fire on the caddy. The caddy accellerates out of control and jumps the curb, breaking a pylon and hanging on edge over the river while the sports car speeds away.

Sid dashes over and grabs the back of the vehicle trying to keep it from falling off. Jane and Xander move to check on the occupants. Xander can’t get his door open, Jane unlocks it from the other side as she checks on the driver. She cant get them out from the side, only the front, and Sid is struggling to keep the car from toppling. Xander and Jane elect to swap sides and they have a Chinese fire drill around an exhasperated Sid. Jane pulls the large man out of the back while Xander, smooth as can be, mounts the hood, cuts the driver loose, and drags him out the front and to safety. Just as they get him out the fender gives way, leaving Sid with the bumper in hand while the car plummets to the river below.

They succeed in stabilizing the occupants while Jane calls for help. While they are on the way they speak to the large man in the back who has regained consciousness. …………………………………….

Sheppard and Kat are out with Frostfang, trying to help him be comfortable to in human form. They hear shouting, then th sound of breaking glass. Looking up they see a man being thrown out a sixth story window. Kat moves over to try and break his fall. The succeeds in catching him and the force of it knocks both of them to the ground.

Chapter 2: Episode 8
Grand Opening

While the characters recover from their encounter at the Olive Branch the Pack and their new recruits launch additional attacks at crime syndicates across the city. The Musuems grand opening is later that night, so they are actively preparing to make that happen as well. Frostfang is getting acclimated to his new home (despite being found in a dead cow one morning). All of the cows have been mysteriously branded. Nick has an unexplained black eye.

They put out more feelers to see what they can find on the Pack but the use of foot soldiers is making it nearly impossible to predict if the core pack members will actually participate in an attack. The Order focuses on the opening instead.

They have tours during the afternoon. The official ribbon cutting is attended by Mayor Umpstead and occurs at 5:00. The courtyard has a carnival, the ballroom has a movie on chimera and the museum through the decades, and the dining room has a high dollar dinner and charity auction. Beast and Kat take the courtyard, Sid the ballroom, Kaycee manages the food, and Xander takes the dining room. Jane as the director roams. Nick gets kicked out for using a flaming softball on the dunking booth.

They get visits from most of the major syndicates in the city. Some are a nod to what they are doing, some are they to let them know that they are keeping their eye on them. Later in the evening a fourth party breaks out in the back when the werewolf packs from across the city show up. Frostfang and Beast move out back with that party. Sid comes out to talk to the Fresh Kill pack. it is apparent that he is not a welcome sight to the werewolves. Frostfang catches up with the River Rats. They find out that several of the pack have been killed or disappeared. Jane sees someone in the Dining room who seems more interested in watching the werewolf party in the back than the auction.

Late in the evening a werewolf arrives and talks to Grey Paw. The River Rats begin to leave in a hurry. Beast goes over to talk to them, another pack member has been killed and they are trying to move on the spot very quickly. Beast offers the Orders assistance and Sheppard, Jane, Kaycee, Kat and Sid go.

When they arrive Grey Paw has an attack survivor lead them into the sewer. After they are put on the right track their guide leaves and the Order moves in. They locate the corpse, the sewers are very dark, they can hear something moving in the water and the sound of something moving towards them. A massive crocodile bursts up out of the water, while several bipeds attack from the sides. Sid leaps into action slashing the monster beast. Kat is attacked in the back by a biped, she picks one up and swings them around, knocking them out and taking out Kaycee at the same time. Jane opens up on the monster, trying to pin it down with an entangle. Sheppard takes out another biped. They throw blades at several members but miss due to the static field. The beast breaks free from the entangle.

Kat takes an acid spitting attack from one of the biped and jumps into the sewer. She is swarmed by smaller alligators who latch on to her arm and back. Sid stabs the monster again and then dives for cover as its massive tail demolishes where he was standing. Jane alternates between shocking and entangling the monster. Beast joins Sid, biting and tearing into the monster where he can. Kaycee recovers and sees Kat go down as a couple more gators get a hold of her and drag her under where she thrashes and punches with her free hand. Kaycee dives in to try and help.

The monster is getting frustrated with the continuous entagles and attacks. Jane is calling the shots and Sid, Sheppard, and she are all hitting the creature simultaneously. Kaycee sucks the strength from one of the gators and Kat begins to break loose. Jane entangles the beast again while Sid stabs it from behind, it opens its mouth wide to roar just as Sheppard dives at it. Sheppard dissappears with a gulp. Then the montser croc begins to thrash and buck wildly finally coming to rest with its mouth ajar, where a blood/slime/saliva covered Sheppard emerges, having shredded the beasts throat from the insides with his horns, claws, and teeth as he desperately fought to to keep from being swallowed.

Kat has broken loose and is taking revenge on the smaller gators with Kaycee. Jane and Sid dispatch the last bipeds. The larger acid spitter retreats. They kill the small gators and take the bipeds prisoner, emerging from the sewer with their captured foes and the corpse of the enormous monster crocodile. Gray Paw and the River Rats are suitably impressed as they load things up into the musuem truck.

When they return and pull in to unload the last of the guests are leaving. They see the monster croc and the prisoners being unloaded, snap some shots with their phones, and the musuem is once again the talk of the town with their first public chimera kill. The Order is all over the papers the next day, and Grand Opening is considered a huge success, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars towards their debts.

Chapter 2: Episode 7
Olive Branch

The Order is hoping to make more progress on tracking down the Pack. They have been active in the interim, taking down a cargo plane outside of Hudson. They go to investigate the wreckage. It looks like the plane was hit while in the air, when it made an emergency landing in a farmers field they were attacked and the crew massacred. They also find tire tracks, it looks like a heavy vehicle of some sort drove off the road and into the field, perhaps participating in the attack. Beast can also smell some kind of accelerator that may have been used in torching the plane after the crew were executed.

They return back to the musuem. Beast and Kat hear from the River Rats. With so many mouths to feed they have agreed to an adoption. They bring a few cows as a gift, and Kat picks out a young 8 year old cub named Frostfang. The leave the gifts and go back to the Museum to introduce him to his new family. Sid seems annoyed and Nick is way too excited.

While working on the Museum and monitoring the police scanners they hear about an attack going on in Mint Ridge not far from their position. It sounds like there may be some innocents who have been caught in the crossfire and our civic minded heroes decide to respond. As they approach the scene they can see an Italian restaurant, the Olive Branch, is the scene of the attack. There are a couple of black sedans and a van parked out from that are shooting into the building. The back of the resteraunt has been set aflame to keep them from fleeing out the direction. There are several wounded patrons out in front that have been caught in the crossfire. Men from the vehicles are exchanging fire with others inside the building.

Jane powers up in an alley while Sid, Kat, Beast, and Xander move in to try and rescue people. Sid starts to take shots from somewhere, he is not sure where. Beast pulls one of the victims back to Kaycee in the alley where she can work on them. Xander arrives and grabs another victim to pull to safety while Jane jumps on top of the building across the way to provide cover fire. Kat rushes one of the sedans and rolls it over, and then the trap is sprung.

Sid takes another shot and goes down. The men in the vehicles and from the restaurant emerge and begin shooting at the Order. Moondog bursts out from the van and Hellhound moves into view, trading shots with Jane. Kat takes a shot as well….Mongrel is sniping at them from a vantage point. More gunmen emerge from the back of the van and from the shop that Jane is standing on.

The Order goes into full retreat. Sid comes to and begins to escape the opposite direction using the vehicles as cover. Kat tries to throw a car at Moondog while making her escape. She takes several shots from Mongrel and drops. Beast scoops her up tries to move her to safety. Jane throws up the static field and exchanges more fire with Hellhound. Kaycee has seen the muzzleflashes from where Mongrel is shooting his silenced rifle, she drains strength from some of the victims she has healed and runs towards the water tower.

Hellhound tags Beast and he drops Kat. Jane harasses Moondog, who tries to throw a car at them without much success. The gunmen are mostly ineffective due to the static field. Kaycee smashes into the water tower and topples it into the road blocking the gunmens path. Mongrel jumps at the last minute to safety as it hits. Rotweiler emerges to join Moondog. Jane hits Hellhound and sends him flying back, giving Beast time to recover Kat again. Kaycee shoves the watertower into Moondog and Rottweiler sending them flying. Hellhound is the only one who can follow up, he decides it is unwise to harass them alone and the Order escapes.

Sid calls Shamus who comes and picks him up. They talk about what just happened and Sid tells him about the Colombians and Italians joining forces to attack them. Jamaicans came out of the truck with Moondog and the men who attacked from across the street were black. Shamus pulls over to make some calls. With drug sales and supply at an all time low the crime syndicates are having a hard time paying their rank and file. Word is on the street that someone else is hiring. Clearly Mongrel is picking up more men, giving the Pack some additional leverage.

It is also clear that Mongrel now views the Order as a problem. This was not a case of friendly fire, this was a deliberate trap intended to take the Order out of the picture, permanently.

Chapter 2: Episode 6
Drug Through the Streets

For the Order of the Chimera, its a whole new ball game. While most of the public is unaware of the sarin gas threat that could have killed thousands, they are aware that the Chimera Museum employees freed a highjacked subway train full of passengers from the Doom Fever Posse, and they have the wicked cell phone footage to prove it. It also means that the characters are very public faces, at least the faces of the six that were involved. Suddenly they have been thrust into their fifteen minutes of fame.

The first order of business, was a visit from the police. Faith Padrusky, accompanied by agents from the MIB and AIM, arranged for a visit at the Museum. There were several things to discuss. With all active members present, and Xander hanging around invisible, they started with the bad stuff. They had not called or given her any kind of a warning that something this bad was going down so she could evacuate people or warn the Subway Security. For all intents and purposes they had completely destroyed the train. Despite the fact that they appeared to be mutants, all of them, they were not registered (something she already knew, but now, here, with the MIB and AIM sitting right next to them, she had to act indignant). Finally, they killed some of the Posse members, despite Kaycees best efforts, even she has her limits (decapitation anyone?). The charges being thrown around included reckless endangerment, murder, assault, trespassing, and felony property damage.

The good news was, they had saved the lives of thousands of people, and the mayors office was very clear; make it work. So Faith was here with a deal. The Chimera Museum would be counted as a partner organization that he city could collaborate with in the future, with very specific and limited privileges, to allow them to engage in vigilante activity. Faith would also expedite Kats bounty hunting license, something else that would add an air of credibility to the whole juncture. All of the Order would also register, so they could claim they were law abiding citizens from the beginning. In return the mayors office would see that all charges were dropped, that he would personally attend the grand opening, and that the county treasurers office would not sent them a property tax notice.

In the end all of the Order registered, even Xander, after the AIM agent pointed out that he was not wearing ordinary glasses and could see him just fine. While the rest of the morning was pretty quiet, nothing was the same. Jane was a hero at the university. Kaycee was honored at the hospital. Nick actually had to attend a class to get some civic award. Kat, who had already started dating Ricky Fontini, the mechanic from the subway platform, had plenty of additional date offers, and Beast was the source of endless speculation on who had crossed a bull with a walking German Sheppard.

Volunteers for their board of directors mysteriously appeared, RSP’s for the grand opening suddenly arrived, and so did the reporters, radio interview requests, early morning gawkers. Finally, after a few weeks had passed, things had started to die down, and that was kinda the problem, things were still dying.

The Packs response to all the publicity was to lay siege to an abandoned property, known as a local drug hang out, and kill everyone inside. The public looked at enemy number one, and they looked at the men and women and dog of the hour, the Order of the Chimera, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the expectations were. With that in mind they hit the streets to try and dig up more information on the Pack and their activities.

They made contact with Faith and reviewed where the police were at. The police have a formal body count of 123, that is people that they can guarantee, they estimate the count is much higher than that. She also asks Faith which organizations have the biggest role in the drug trade, and therefore the most to lose. Faith tags the Mafia, the Jamaicans, and the Colombians as the biggest current players. Beast points out that they already have some maphia contacts, so Jane hits Faith up on the Columbian side. Faith promises to see what she can do.

Sid contacts Shamus. After getting reamed for not sharing information with him on the attack, Shamus begrudgingly shares what he knows. Some cops still like what the pack is doing, but as the body count becomes more questionable, that is quickly changing. A couple of undercovers have been caught up and killed, now they see the Pack as a threat to the police as well. The streets are dry, pushing the crazies to new heights. Dealers are getting to be hard to come by.

Faith comes through with an undercover who is working with the Colombians. He isn’t high up in the organization, but can offer a few insights. The Colombians are getting leaned on hard by the Jamaicans, making it very difficult for them to keep their network in place. Most of the Colombians feel the Pack is working for the Jamaicans.

Kat goes to make contact with the Jamaicans. They knew they were dealing out by the memorial hospital, so she hits the streets. She is able to track down some likely members, when she talks to them they recognize her from the video coverage of the subway train attack. They are indeed members of the Ghede, and are very pleased with the blow the Doom Fever Posse suffered at the hands of the Order. They tell her that they have been shaking down the Columbians to get what supply they have but don’t really know who the pack is working for. They agree to set up a meeting with Brother Namaan. Kat leaves to check in with the others and let them know what she is doing.

Namaan agrees to meet them in a park. She goes alone, trusting her abilities to bring her back from the brink if necessary. A volvo van pulls up to the curb, two old Cordoba’s flanking it. Ghede posse members move out from the cars and take up flanking positions a respectable distance away. The van door opens up and smoke billows out, along with a couple of posse members. Namaam emerges, carrying a blunt, a scorpion slung over his back, a couple of holstered machine pistols, a large knife, and miscellaneous animal parts tied into his dreads. A cloud of smoke follows him and his boys as they move in for the meeting.

Namaam is high as the Hudson Towers, and it shows. He praises the Order for the beat down they gave to the Doom Fever posse. When the discussion turns to the Pack Namaam makes it clear that they are not working for them, in fact, he offers a reward, $1 million dollars, if they can take them out. They know he isn’t with the Colombians because they are pushing them around too easily. He figures they have to be working with the mafia. Namaan also hints that he would be very interested in body parts from chimera. Kat says she will see what she can do and they depart.

Beast contacted Vinnie with the Tarcconne family to feel out what the mafia thinks. Vinne makes it clear that they suspect the Colombians, the other families all swear its not them, but that isn’t saying much. He uses his computer to look at known hits from Pack members. Beyond being concentrated in areas that have traditionally high drug activity, there does not appear to be a clear pattern that would indicate one area is getting a break over any of the others.

Xander works the opposite direction, putting the word out with some of his high profile contacts that he is interested in buying. He lands an appointment with Georgio, a high end and very discreet, dealer. The discussion with Georgio provides some new pieces to the puzzle. He no longer uses a single supplier, he is having to cobble together his inventory from several sources at once. The lack of drugs elsewhere means big money to him, he can now charge virtually whatever he wants and is making out like a bandit. Several other high profile dealers have also gone to ground or gone missing, so there is also significant risk in staying in the game.

In the end they sit down to bring together what they know from the police, Columbians, Jamacians, Mafia, dealers, and analysis. There is no clear indicator on who the Pack is working for. Sid raises the possibility that they may not be working for anyone, but rather making a powerplay to become the top dogs in the Hudson scene themselves. Sid shares what they have gathered with Shamus.

Kat also wants to explore the possibility of adopting a River Rat werewolf cub. Beast and Kat make a visit and throw out their proposal. Grey Paw agrees to consider the proposal and let them know. They do feel an obligation to the Order for their assistance in relocating the Blood Moon pack.

The session ends with the characters making plans on what do do next.

Chapter 2: Episode 5
Doom Fever Train

After the explosion at the Hunterton station they call Nick to come pick them up and help them get to the Red Hill station. Nick arrives and they all cram into Kaycee’s focus except Xander, who is still unconscious and left in the care of the Blood Moon pack. Nick rushes them to the Red Hill station, and after illegally parking, they run down into the platform.

The Order sees that the subway patrons are mostly down and their hands and knees or laying on their stomachs. Armed Jamaican gang members armed with guns stand guard as the subway train doors close and it prepares to leave. The group will have 92 seconds (8 turns) to take down the enemies, find the bombs, and disarm them. Beast and Kane head for the westernmost car, Jane and Kat the next car, and Nick and Kaycee take up the next car down from them.

All of them charge. Nick and Kaycee take down the two facing them in couple of phases, mostly due to Nick lighting them on fire and them running away. The force their way onto the car as it begins to pull away. Beast charges uses his horns to close line one of the men shooting at him. He also smashes into the doors and gets stuck. Sid cuts down his opponent with his sword and helps beast pull the doors open to get on the train. Jane shocks one of the platform guards and drops him, while Kat grabs a bench and belts the other one. Kat easily forces the doors and steps on the train, still carrying the bench. She throws out a “Does this count as carry on?” quip as she uses the bench like a battering ram, sending another gang member sprawling.

The Order members find the train is full of passengers who have been taken hostage along with their kidnappers, Doom Posse gang members armed with guns and voodoo zombies carrying machetes, knives, and other sharp stuff. As the PC’s begin fighting the highjacked citizens realize they might be saved… out come the cellphones to catch all the carnage!

Beast and Sid break find several posse members and zombies on their car. The close quarters limits Beasts ability to charge his opponents, so moves in close to fight with bites and claws. Sid plies his bland freely. They regular posse members go down quickly, the zombies are much more robust. They have been brainwashed to virtually ignore stun damage, leaving more lethal attacks as their only option. Sid lops off a few limbs, including one decapitation, while Beast ends the fight with a muzzle covered in blood.

Jane and Kat also make short work of the posse members. Jane finds that her shock blasts usually drop them in one blast. The zombies are much more dangerous. Jane takes a stab to the head that pierces her shield and cuts her quite severely. Kat resorts to breaking off metal bars and impaling zombies, then picking them up and throwing them through the bars subway patrons use to hold steady. Jane takes up one of the knives dropped by a zombie to apply freely.

After they finished fighting in their car Jan and Kat moved through their car and joined Beast and Sid as the assaulted the final car that led to the engine. There were several more zombies and a couple of power suits that tried to keep them from gaining entrance. Jane blasts one of the suits with the EMP while beast and Sid go after the zombies. Kat gets her hands on the other suit and puts him through the subway window and outside. Another zombie hits Jane and wounds her again. They finally take down the last zombie with 24 seconds remaining. Jane flings open the door to lead car, and then the shooting starts.

Uzi was holding two of them, and they were on full auto. If it wasn’t for her personal shield Jane would have died, she still soaked up three direct hits as she went down. Kaycee pulled her out of the line of fire while Sid, Beast, and Kat dove into the lead car. Nick began to melt through the couplings to separate the car and keep Jane and Kaycee safe. Sid and Kat went for Uzi, while Beast charged headlong after the robed woman. She stepped aside at the last moment and Beast demolished the control panel for the train, killing its power. Unfortunately, it still had plenty of momentum to get the to where it was headed. It was then that she picked up a piece of broken eqpuipment and said, “Fetch” while throwing it out of the car. Beast happily chased it, the mind control working all too well.

Uzi sprayed Sid with bullets as he came in as well, but he was able to avoid the worst of them. One swift blow from his Katana wounded Uzi and left her dazed, a right hook from Kat put her under. They watched in confusion as Beast ran past them headed the wrong way. Sid charges the woman with the dress and then staggers back as she hits him with an ego blast. He rises to his feet, only to be struck again. Kat grabs Beast by the ear and tells him to “knock it off, its not time to play fetch”. Beast is able to break free of the mind control. He and Kat taker the robed woman down in a flurry of fists and paws.

Nick has succeeded in separating the engine from the other cars. He hangs down off the back of the runaway engine and tries to melt some of the moving components to fuse them together and slow the train. Unfortunately he under estimates the kickback from touching the wheels and trying to slow them down. He is flung off the back of a train still going over a hundred miles an hour, in what is sure to be a messy death. They 5d6 killing damage later, (rolling an incredible 8 body damage), Nick picks himself up and walks away, leaving behind him a trail of fire from where he skidded along and a massive hole in the seat of his pants. All he could think at that moment was how much cooler that had been than the last time he went surfing.

Their final opponent down Kat, Beast and Sid have 16 seconds left. Beast looks one of the two bombs over. He does not have any skills in demolitions, but he knows electronics, and he spots a GPS unit attached to the bomb. Hoping it is the trigger he quickly reprograms the coordinates to something very far away and moves to the second bomb. His first attempt to reprogram it does not go quite as he hoped, and with six seconds remaining he tries one more time, successfully reprogramming the second GPS unit.

Finally, Kat, Sid, and Beast hang off the back, trying to use their combined 70 points of strength to slow the train down. As the train coasts through the Lladen station under Moscow West, instead of exploding and releasing copious amounts of deadly sarin gas that would likely kill thousands of people, instead subway passengers see a giant dog with horns, a woman and a man being drug behind the back of a runaway subway engine.

The Order of the Chimera limps back to their museum. Beast has console pieces hanging from his horns, Sid and Kat have been shot and stabbed, Jane is stabilized now thanks to Kaycee, and Nicks cheeks are sore, scratched, and drafty. Before they even arrive back at the museum the first cell phone videos are being uploaded to youtube, and their lives are forever changed.

For more about this episodes events and other Hudson Happenings, check out the _____________________.

Chapter 2: Episode 4
Den of Lightning

The Pack continues to commit murders in between episodes. The findings from the last episode though leaves them feeling like they may be close to Voltiac. Eager to make some progress, and get the Oath devices out of their heads, they decide to work on tracking him down. They also discuss the fact that other organizations want to know what their syndicate is called, the choose the Order of the Chimera to highlight their association with the museum.

They are working towards a future opening. While helping to move the brass bull, Beast absorbs some of its DNA, something that will cause him to have horns starting to grow by the episodes end. Sid and Beast discuss his meetings with the werewolves. Sid suggests he might have offended the Dark Wood pack by infringing on their territory, asking questions, and leaving without offering any kind of gift for exchange to to pay for his trespass. Beast uses his computer to look for anything he can find out about the Doom Fever Posse. He finds out that they are a Jamaican street gang, they are also one of a handful of Jamaican gangs that are known as voodoo posses for their use of “zombies”. Sid digs up more information on the use of voodoo cult using the Chimera Museums occult library. The voodoo zombies are different from parasitic zombies. They want to possibly dig up some allies against the Doom Fever Posse and have heard that the Ghede are the strongest of the voodoo posses in Hudson.

They decide to learn more, and head to the Caribbean Karma, where they meet Momma JuJu. They talk to Momma JuJu about the voodoo cults and in parcular the Ghede. She tells them in no uncertain terms that they are fools for trying to learn more about them, something that is becoming a familiar refrain. They decide to put off talking to the Ghede and attack the Voltiac directly. Beast goes back to the Blood Moon pack and they agree on a joint attack to reclaim their den under Hunterton Station.

Jane, Beast, Kat, Xander, Sid and Kaycee are going to attack from one entrance, while the Blood Moon pack attacks from the other side. Unfortunately, their coordination is a bit off, and the Order of the Chimera breaks into the Den to find themselves fighting Voltiac, 4 suits, and 4 men out of their gear. What follows is a wild melee that featured Beast charging head long into the room followed closely by Sid and Kat. Jane came through shooting electricity while Xander ambushed several of the unarmed agents. Beast and Kat quickly took down one of the suits. Voltiac hits Kaycee with a blast and she is stunned. Jane hits Voltiac with an EMP while Sid KO’s another of the suits. Xander finishes off the two he is fighting when Voltiac pulls a showave grenade. The door flies open and the Blood Moon pack bursts into the room just as it goes off, hurtling them back out of the room and slamming the door shut. The blast in close quarters knocks everyone off their feet and leaves them in a heap.

As Sid, Kat and Xander fight Voltiacs goons on the ground, Jane gets back up and hits Voltaic with a second EMP, a tremendous burst that completely shorts out his powersuit, including the shielding system that protects the massive battery pack on the rear of the suit. The suit is badly damaged and will need repairs before it will work properly. The party can see the sparks starting to fly and smell the ozone in the air. Beast decides with Voltiacs suit damaged it is the perfect time to give him something to remember him by. Climbing out of the pile of bodies he sprints full speed and spears Voltiac with his new horns, slamming him against the wall and smashing rupturing the battery pack. As the Blood Moon pack opens the door a second time to try and come in and help there is a tremendous explosion from battery failing, all of the characters and voltiacs men are blasted out through the door, which comes off its hinges, and into the faces of the Blood Moon pack.

The explosion is so severe that it collapses part of the platform above them down into what used to be the Blood Moon packs den. As the Order members pick themselves up and sort through the bodies they eventually account for everyone. Since the den has collapsed they cannot search inside, but there is not sign of Voltiac. On one of his boys they find something that makes their blood run cold, plans to modify a subway train. It includes instructions on rigging up some kind of bomb and a date and time. The date is today, the time is in fifteen minutes. They rush to try and make it to the Red Hill station before the train departs.

(Unlike most episodes, which have time passing between them, episodes 4 and 5 of this chapter happen right after one another.)

For more information see the first of a two part ___________________.

Chapter 2: Episode 3
Subway blues

While Pack seems to have lowered their profile a little since the attack on the Brandweir docks the killings continue. The Tarcconne family is putting pressure on the players to fulfill their promise to bring in Voltiac as well.

Reviewing the news they identify the power outage at Red Hill as a possible indication of Voltiac’s activity. They move out to the Red Hill subway station. Jane, Beast and Kat try to find information. They break off and make efforts to cozy up to the homeless who hang around the station all the time (Beast is in human form). Beast gets beat up by a bag lady, while Kat and Jane make friends with Mags. For the price of Jane’s coat they find out that Voltiac is referred to as King Can, that he has many of the homeless on his payroll and that they carry messages for him. They have also seen men in power suits coming and going. They hang around and watch the drop spots, Beast gets a message that is dropped off and is promptly mobbed by homeless. The Subway Security, broke things up and told them to move along.

During the scuffle Kat jumps down onto the tracks and moves back to explore the end of the line. She spots a mechanic working on some train cars and goes to talk to him. She offers a $10 bribe and when he continues to be a tad elusive pushes him up against the rail car. The mechanic is impressed, snatches the bill from her hands, and tells her that they do see people down here on occasion. He suggests that if she is looking for trouble that she should check out a maintenance substation down the line. As she is finishing up Jane and Beast, now in dog form, approach. The mechanic quips that he has not seen a werewolf since old sparky and his boys moved in a couple of weeks ago.

The group go to investigate the substation. They climb up and enter in the hatch were they find two men, one out of his powersuit and working on the electrical lines running through the substation and the other all suited up. The five of them fight in very close quarters and they are able to quickly take down the guy out of the suit without too much trouble. The powersuit fellow is more trouble, but faced with three to one odds he eventually goes down to Kats signature hoist and heave into the wall maneuver.

They can’t make heads or tails of the modifications, so Jane just tears them apart while Beast dulls his teeth trying to trash the suit. The fight has drawn attention, so they crawl along the subway line through the maintenance tunnels, destroying modified wiring until they get past Hunterton, where the changes stop. The party heads back to the museum figuring that they have at least slowed Voltiac down, though they have not figured out where he is or what he is planning. Beast wants to find out more about the werewolves being driven out and while Kat and Jane want to explore the sewers near the zombie reports that were in the news.

Kat and Jane drop down and move south until they run into a couple of individuals in the sewer who challenge them. As they talk the find out that the two men, Josh and Imesson, are vampires. The vampires warm up to these two clearly adventurous lasses in the sewers and the they get a general idea of who controls what. The vampires control to the south of where they are, the zombies to the west, and the werewolves used to control to the east, though a new group has muscled in there. Kat and Jane thank them and leave the sewers to share what they have learned.

Beast meanwhile had gone back to the Museum. He puts in a call to Shamus to see if he knows anything about a werewolf pack being pushed out of their territory, he does not but suggests they might talk to the Dark Wood pack that controls the park. Beast goes deep into the park and is confronted by three werewolves who want to know why he is on their turf. He asks about the werewolves being pushed out and is told that the River Rats and Blood Moon pack are feuding over territory by the river. Beast leaves, with the feeling that he might have offended them.

He meets up with Kat and Jane and they share what they found. They head out to the river and move along the shore until they pick up werewolf scents. Soon it is clear they are being followed by werewolves, until they are confronted by a large group of very poorly fed wolves, the River Rat Pack. The ask what pack Beast is from and he is unable to answer, there is also no clear leader among Kat, Beast and Jane. They are led to meet with Grey Paw, the one eared leader of the River Rats, a large group of werewolves, primarily weak, loners who have been pushed out of of other packs. Grey Paw also asks what pack Beast is from. Beast talks about how they want to kick Voltiac out of the sewers.

Gray Paw leads them east along the river where they meet members of the Blood Moon pack, led by Bright Fang and Ragged Claw. The Blood Moons are interested in what Beast has to say. They describe being pushed out. Voltiac enlisted the aid of one of the street gangs, the Doom Fever Posse, who control the territory above the sewers and subway tunnels that the Blood Moon Pack claimed. Voltiac, with his powered goons, and a large group of Doom Fever Posse members ambushed the pack in their den under Hunterton station, killing a couple members of the pack and making the rest flee. After a couple of attempts to come back it was clear that Voltiac and the Posse were there to stay, so they reluctantly moved to River Rat territory and carved out some breathing space. Beast agrees to find out more information and to help them.

The episode ends with the party reconvened at the museum where Jane, Beast and Kat update the other members on what they have learned.

For more information about what happened during the episode and around Hudson check out the _______________________

Chapter 2: Episode 2
The Pack

The vigilante syndicate known as the Pack has burst onto the scene, claiming the drug related killings over the last 6 weeks and now moving to high profile targets, slaying a drug lord on trail while he exited the courthouse steps, blowing up a crack house, and attacking the Ballado mansion, killing the Don and 8 of his men. They make no bones about their targets, anyone related to the drug trade is fair game; dealers, users, mules, and the men who call the shots.

The PC’s continue to try and get the museum settled. They put out an add for a fundraising/pr manager and Xander responds. He is interviewed and hired on, with Beast making the connection on who he is. The characters are realizing the need create a syndicate to protect themselves and those that are important, the museum is the framework that they use to support their activities. At this point their syndicate formally includes Jane, Beast, Sig, Kat, Xander, Kaycee and Nick, with three former members, Kane, Sarah, and Wizard. They start to formalize their roles at the museum and in the syndicate. Jane is the Director of the Museum, while still a professor at the university, Sig is the Curator, Xander the fundraising/PR manager, and Beast in his human form is over IT and communications. Kat is over security. Kaycee still works for Queens but lives now at the Museum. She loves to cook, and is often found in the kitchen when not on shift or when waiting on call. No one is sure what Nick does, exactly, since he claims he is still a student, though no one is sure what he is studying.

Jane is contacted by Faith Padrusky with the City Wide Taskforce. She is grateful that they didn’t rat out Vinnie, a move that will help the HCPD keep tabs on the mafia families. Faith asks for some help, the police are struggling to get a lid on the situation with Mongrel and the Pack, she is reaching out to various partner organizations, bounty hunters and the like, looking for allies. She asks if they will look into the most recent attack at the Ballado mansion to see if they can dig anything up on Mongrel. She is aware of their abilities, due to her contacts with Vinnie, and wants to cast her net wide. Jane agrees and the team moves out to the mansion.

Jane, Beast, Xander, Kat and Sig arrive at the crime scene where they are greeted by Shamus, a private investigator brought in by Faith. Shamus shows them around the crime scene. Xander is convinced that the attaackers used cranes and heavy equipment to breach the gates and destroy the guard house, much to the amusement of Shamus (really bad deduction roll). The front doors were breached, and the alarm system left on, perhaps intentionally. They follow the trail of carnage up stairs to the den, where the Don was killed. His desk and computer have been shot to pieces. While Xander talks with Shamus outside in the hall about his crazy theories on how it happened, Beast transforms to a human to examine the computer. While looking to see if the hard drive is in damaged he notices a damaged cd in the tray. He removes the CD, gives it to Jane, and transforms back into beast.

The party thanks Shamus, promise to tell him if they learn anything, and head out. Back at the museum Beast reconstructs the data the best he can from the cd. The data extracted is coded, but he is able to break the code. There is a date, Brandeir Shipyards, 22:00, Peruvian. 300 kilos. They read this as an incoming drug shipment and Mongrels next target. They investigate the docks during the day and identify some potential targets. There are three South American ships that they are keeping an eye on, spread across the shipyard, The Brazil Star, Amigo, and Senorita Maria. Beast does his best to try and sniff out any possible drugs but is only able to search and eliminate the Brazil Star. They decide to settle in and watch from the outside for them to make their move.

At 9:34 they spot a man running towards the gates. He hits them and breaks them open like they are not even there. The PC’s begin to run to try and catch him. He is faster than they realize and stays ahead of them easily. The man charges down the docks, right up the gangplank and into the pilot house. As the party runs down the docks and up to the ship the rest of the Pack show up. Moondog emerges from the water and climbs on the docks and Hellhound Drops Mongrel on top of the pilot house. Beast rushes in the pilot house, sees Rottweiler finishing off the crew and makes a hasty exit. Beast and Kat battle Rottweiler on the ship, Jane duels with Hellhound, Sig takes on Moondog, and Xander moves for position on the docks.

On the ship Kat takes the metal pilot house door and slams Rottweiler aside. Mongrel drops down and shoots Beast, but Beast knocks him down and tears into him with his teeth, stunning him and knocking him down. Doberman comes up from below to join the fight and slips on the blood from Mongrel, landing right at Kat’s feet. Kat pancakes him with the door, stunning him and nearly knocking him out. Rottweiler charges back in, knocking Kat aside and giving Doberman time to recover. He runs and dives into the water. Beast and Mongrel keep fighting, both of them drawing blood. it becomes clear to Mongrel that his initial injury is worse than he thought, and he cuts his losses, knocking Beast back and diving overboard.

On the docks Hellhound uses his heat vision to target Xander who is ready to surprise Moondog. Hellhound blasts him, knocking him off the dock and into the water. Xander sees Mongrel dive off the boat and tries to follow him in the water to see where he is going. Jane and Hellhound continue to exchange shots, but when Hellhound connects his blast is more powerful, knocking her back. Sig is holding his own against Moondog, and possibly even getting the upper hand, when the now free Hellhound blasts him from the side, knocking him off the docks, and into the side of the ship where he grabs onto a rope to keep from falling into the soup.

Back on the ship Rottweiler shrugs off beast knocks him to the edge of the boat. He grabs Kat and performs his back-breaker, hurting her badly. Seeing that they are down to just the three of them with a good chance to escape considering the party’s current positions, Rottweiler and Moondog dive into the waster and make their escape as Hellhound flies interference.

The injured characters retreat back to the Museum. Kaycee is off shift and able to tend to their injuries. They contact Faith and tell her what happened when they showed up at the location. Faith is a little surprised they didn’t give her a heads up (as is Shamus), but glad they survive to fight another day.

For more information about this episode see the Hudson City News.

Chapter 2: Episode 1
The Swaying Swan

The PC’s decide to make an offer on the abandoned buildings in the park with the drug money (which the Tarcconne family launders through the recently acquired Flag National branch so it is clean for the purchase of property). Jane will be the official owner of the property and the only one on title. After the fee to launder the money, the purchase price, and the closing costs they don’t expect to have much left over. (The Tarcconne family don’t mind helping the characters get established. They have put the word out that the PC’s are out to get Voltiac, having them tied down to one place increases the likelihood of a showdown, something they definitely want to happen. At this point they have lost all of their recent recruits, two of their mutants were killed, and a prodigy has gone turncoat. The organization is reeling and not keen to lose more men trying to bring Voltiac down). The Wizard has decided that with his Oath trigger in his hands he wants to spend time with the bank teller he wooed during the robbery, and has been wooing ever since. He has had enough of syndicates and goes to ground, leaving the PC’s to fend for themselves.

Jane shows up at the title company and signs her life away. It is only after the loan is closed and they are back at the buildings that they begin to realize what they have really gotten themselves into. The paperwork is voluminous, and confusing, but a few things become clear. The properties are the Chimera Museum, where famous local Chimera were displayed. The previous owners died in 1979, at which point the museum was turned over to the Hudson City Zoo, who had neither the money or manpower to run it properly. The buildings fell into disrepair, something the Zoo has gotten alot of grief over, so they were happy to unload them.

It turns out there were other reasons to unload the property. The original land agreement stipulates that the property could only ever be the Chimera Museum, a matter that is reinforced by the Le Mastre park preservation trust and zoning act, and that the new owners have to have it up and running in three months time. In addition, there are currently 12.5 million dollars in liens against the property, debt that Jane as the owner has now inherited. Plus, the property taxes alone, due in November, are roughly half a million dollars a year, more than the group payed for the properties. On top of all of this the property is badly in need of repairs, likely to cost millions of dollars, to get it up to tip top shape. The PC’s have acquired the Museum, storage barn, and outbuildings at a great price, located right in the middle of the city, with the discretion that is offered by the park, but they have also purchased an enormous money pit. (All of this explains why there were not a dozen other organizations chomping at the bit to make other offers for the property). If only they had read the fine print…..

The PC’s are trying to get their ducks in a row. When word of the purchase gets out they get visits from several of the syndicates in the area, including the Hudson City Zoo, Park Rangers, Dark Wood Pack (werewolf syndicated that lives in the park) and the Keepers of the Wood, a syndicate of druids that also serve as the parks primary groundskeepers. Their leader, Perrin, comes to visit in person. When he does, Sarah, who has been staying with the PC’s, meets him at the door. They have been in communication telepathically for the last few weeks. Sarah has decided to leave and join the druids. They are interested in learning more about where she came from and helping her acclimate to her new life.

While the PC’s wait for news of Voltiac they get to work on the museum. They had put out an ad for a curator, and Jane is reviewing the three applications that they received. Only one of them has extensive experience with Chimera, an individual by the name of Sigmend Valentine (who prefers to be called Sig). During their interview it becomes clear that Sigmend knows far more about Chimera than the rest of them combined. He is hired on the spot and begins inventorying what chimera the group has in inventory and planning displays.

The Tarcconne does have some leads on Voltiac. Voltiac stole recruitment records before he left, the famly believes that he is planning on trying to pressgang some of the individuals on the families watch list before they can be reached. They know this since he already made an attempt on one of them, a man by the name of Xander, who escaped and has gone underground. The other lead was a young woman by the name of Kat who works at the Swaying Swan, the most notorious mutant and aberration bar in the city. Jane and Beast go to see Kat, they use the excuse that they are looking to hire security for the museum; Sig comes along, eager to vet the individual who might be protecting his precious chimera.

Xander escaped from the abduction attempt and has been trying to figure out who was after him. After getting away he turned the tables on his attackers and followed them instead. He has been monitoring the activities of the one he followed home ever since. He is currently outside the Swaying Swan, watching two of his would be abductors as the stake out the bar. He is still trying to figure out who they are an what they are doing.

Xander spots Jane, Beast, and Sig entering the bar. He notes that when they do, the men watching the bar take great interest and immediately begin making calls. Xander watches them carefully. Jane, Beast and Sig enter the Swaying Swan. As they come in a woman is coming out, a man danging from each hand, she deposits them on the street and comes back in, moving to a corner where she can watch the room. They have never seen so many blatant mutants and aberrations in one spot in their lives as they make up the majority of the bars patrons. They push through and speak to Reggie, the owner and bartender, a massive man with two heads. One of his heads carries on a conversation with the PC’s while the other takes more orders. After overpaying for a drink Reggie points them towards Kat, confirming their suspicions that the woman who just kicked the louts out is who they are looking for. The characters move over and introduce themselves. They are beginning to let her know that the believe someone is looking for here when the door flies open.

Xander had been watching from outside. When a vehicle pulls up and two men in power suits get out he takes notice. The men he was watching direct the suits to the bar and then split. Xander quietly follows the suits up to the bar and inside.
After the suits make their appearance them waste no time announcing themselves as Hudson police officers. There is a mad dash for the back of the bar as everyone tries to get out. The other officer points at Kat and fires off a flash grenade that takes the whole party by surprise, blinding them. Beast, who is especially susceptible to flash attacks against his eyes, blindly goes after the goes after the suits, destroying a table instead. Sig dives for cover and tries to recover while Kat and Jane try to grapple with their attackers.

One of them lashes out, kicking Jane aside while the other opens fire on Beast, wounding him. Beast is still having a hard time finding his opponents, though he does a good job at obliterating a barstool. Xander attacks from behind, surprising the suit and thumping him. Beast manages to sink his teeth into one of the suits arms, while Sig has recovered and comes in swinging a sword. The suit pops out a blade and fights back, exchanging wounds. Beast takes another shot from the one he is fighting with while dealing out some damage of his own. Jane hits one of them with an EMP blast, trying to disable the suit. Xander takes a hit and gets thrown back, while the other suit fires off a grenade sending the PC’s scrambling for cover once more. Sig charges back in, cutting into the suit and stunning him while Beast and Jane pummel him into submission. Kat finally gets her hands on the other suit and smashes him halfway through the wall. With sirens in the distance they beat a hasty retreat.

Kat isn’t entirely sure about the characters, but they did help her against her attackers. They offer her a position with the museum, and considering how she just wrecked her place of employment, she accepts. While leaving Beast tries to track Xander. He succeeds in following him for several blocks before Xander loses him in the subway crowd.

Kat returns with them to the Museum where they find all of the front windows broken out. They may have kept Kat from falling to Voltiac, but he has made it clear that he knows were they are at.

For more details on this episodes activities look at the Hudson City News and the Police Blotter.

Of particular note are the indications that the drug related slayings may be related.

Chapter 1: Episode 7

After their latest threat against them the Tarcconne family is finally listening. They don’t want Card Shark to find out the truth. They have tried to find the truck with the suits, but the characters have moved it several times over the last couple of weeks. Their favorite spot has included a some abandoned buildings in Le Mastre park. Several of them are also hiding out in the building (and at Beasts apartment) since Jane and Kaycee’s apartments are know to the family.

The PC’s get another call, this time from Voltiac, who wants to set up terms. The characters will hand over the suits in return for the triggers for Jane, Wizard and Nick. They arrange for the exchange to take place in Le Mastre Park.

At the appointed time the characters move to the park. They have Nick take the suits in the truck to a different part of the city. Voltiac shows up to make the exchange. There is a little banter back and forth, with Voltiac very clear on where he feels the characters fit into the grand scheme of things. He demands to know where the suits are, the characters give him the coordinates and he sends a few of his goons to go check. After Voltiac confirms that the suits are there he smiles and tells the characters that he has changed his mind and isn’t going to give them the triggers after all. He points at Beast, who grabs one of Voltiac’s men and pulls him in front of him. Voltiac just shrugs and shoots the man, killing him.

The characters dive into action. Jane and Sarah at Voltiac, but he shrugs the attacks off. Kaycee and Sarah engage one of the goons. Voltiac fires and hits Sarah, knocking her away from the fight. Beast knocks out another goon and Jane and Kaycee take down the the third. Voltiac fires at Kaycee and she goes down in a shower of sparks.

Sarah moves back in and grabs Voltiac with telekenesis. Jane fires and hits him and Beast does his favorite thing….he charges in and knocks him over. Voltiac pulls the pin on a grenade and rolls it away from him just slighlty. It is one of his shockwave grenades. The blast throws the characters off their feet with the exception of the flying Sarah, who gets launched much further than she expected. While the group is recovering Voltiac triggers his boosters and hutles, skipping along, through the bushes and out of sight.

Jane then gets a call from Vinnie. He assures them that Voltiac was not acting on orders from the family, he never had the triggers (he was the handler for the now deceased Kane Wolfheart). Further investigation proves that Voltiac has stolen the suits and gone rogue. Vinnie offers a new deal on behalf of the Tarcconne family, they characters deliver Voltiac and the family will help them remove the Oath devices. As a show of good faith they deliver Jane’s and Wizards Oath triggers, leaving just Nick at risk.

The characters return to the abandoned buildings in the park. When they get there they see vehicles outside of them. The characters go inside, and realize that they appear to be interrupting a drug deal between two gangs. A wild melee breaks out with the characters doing surprisingly well against the gangsters, who despite outnumbering the PC’s more than two to one are dealt with in less than one turn. Not one of the gangsters are able to escape (even with a couple of them trying to get out on motorcycles). The characters now have a dozen unconcious drug dealers, various weapons, a pile of illegal drugs, and a duffel bag stuffed with bills. They decide to dump the unconscious criminals and the drugs outside the main Park Police office. The duffel bag holds several hundred thousand dollars in cash that was being used to purchase the drugs. They decide to keep the cash to try and purchase the abandoned buildings that they have been hiding out in.

The episode ends with the PC’s making plans for the future, one that hopefully includes all of them.

For more information about the sessions events see the Hudson News and the Police Blotter.


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