Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 9

The New Mob

The holidays have been quiet for order members. After the successful grand opening the Tarconne family finally made good on their promise to remove the Oath devices. The surgery occurred at Queens and Sheppard, Jane, Nick and Kaycee are worry free for the first time in more than six months and spend the next couple of weeks recovering.

Jane, Sid and Xander are going to a city council meeting that is reviewing the Le Mastre Park zoning ordinances. They see a black caddy that is followed by a Alpha Romero. At a stop light the sports car pulls even with its windows down and the occupants open fire on the caddy. The caddy accellerates out of control and jumps the curb, breaking a pylon and hanging on edge over the river while the sports car speeds away.

Sid dashes over and grabs the back of the vehicle trying to keep it from falling off. Jane and Xander move to check on the occupants. Xander can’t get his door open, Jane unlocks it from the other side as she checks on the driver. She cant get them out from the side, only the front, and Sid is struggling to keep the car from toppling. Xander and Jane elect to swap sides and they have a Chinese fire drill around an exhasperated Sid. Jane pulls the large man out of the back while Xander, smooth as can be, mounts the hood, cuts the driver loose, and drags him out the front and to safety. Just as they get him out the fender gives way, leaving Sid with the bumper in hand while the car plummets to the river below.

They succeed in stabilizing the occupants while Jane calls for help. While they are on the way they speak to the large man in the back who has regained consciousness. …………………………………….

Sheppard and Kat are out with Frostfang, trying to help him be comfortable to in human form. They hear shouting, then th sound of breaking glass. Looking up they see a man being thrown out a sixth story window. Kat moves over to try and break his fall. The succeeds in catching him and the force of it knocks both of them to the ground.


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