Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 7

Olive Branch

The Order is hoping to make more progress on tracking down the Pack. They have been active in the interim, taking down a cargo plane outside of Hudson. They go to investigate the wreckage. It looks like the plane was hit while in the air, when it made an emergency landing in a farmers field they were attacked and the crew massacred. They also find tire tracks, it looks like a heavy vehicle of some sort drove off the road and into the field, perhaps participating in the attack. Beast can also smell some kind of accelerator that may have been used in torching the plane after the crew were executed.

They return back to the musuem. Beast and Kat hear from the River Rats. With so many mouths to feed they have agreed to an adoption. They bring a few cows as a gift, and Kat picks out a young 8 year old cub named Frostfang. The leave the gifts and go back to the Museum to introduce him to his new family. Sid seems annoyed and Nick is way too excited.

While working on the Museum and monitoring the police scanners they hear about an attack going on in Mint Ridge not far from their position. It sounds like there may be some innocents who have been caught in the crossfire and our civic minded heroes decide to respond. As they approach the scene they can see an Italian restaurant, the Olive Branch, is the scene of the attack. There are a couple of black sedans and a van parked out from that are shooting into the building. The back of the resteraunt has been set aflame to keep them from fleeing out the direction. There are several wounded patrons out in front that have been caught in the crossfire. Men from the vehicles are exchanging fire with others inside the building.

Jane powers up in an alley while Sid, Kat, Beast, and Xander move in to try and rescue people. Sid starts to take shots from somewhere, he is not sure where. Beast pulls one of the victims back to Kaycee in the alley where she can work on them. Xander arrives and grabs another victim to pull to safety while Jane jumps on top of the building across the way to provide cover fire. Kat rushes one of the sedans and rolls it over, and then the trap is sprung.

Sid takes another shot and goes down. The men in the vehicles and from the restaurant emerge and begin shooting at the Order. Moondog bursts out from the van and Hellhound moves into view, trading shots with Jane. Kat takes a shot as well….Mongrel is sniping at them from a vantage point. More gunmen emerge from the back of the van and from the shop that Jane is standing on.

The Order goes into full retreat. Sid comes to and begins to escape the opposite direction using the vehicles as cover. Kat tries to throw a car at Moondog while making her escape. She takes several shots from Mongrel and drops. Beast scoops her up tries to move her to safety. Jane throws up the static field and exchanges more fire with Hellhound. Kaycee has seen the muzzleflashes from where Mongrel is shooting his silenced rifle, she drains strength from some of the victims she has healed and runs towards the water tower.

Hellhound tags Beast and he drops Kat. Jane harasses Moondog, who tries to throw a car at them without much success. The gunmen are mostly ineffective due to the static field. Kaycee smashes into the water tower and topples it into the road blocking the gunmens path. Mongrel jumps at the last minute to safety as it hits. Rotweiler emerges to join Moondog. Jane hits Hellhound and sends him flying back, giving Beast time to recover Kat again. Kaycee shoves the watertower into Moondog and Rottweiler sending them flying. Hellhound is the only one who can follow up, he decides it is unwise to harass them alone and the Order escapes.

Sid calls Shamus who comes and picks him up. They talk about what just happened and Sid tells him about the Colombians and Italians joining forces to attack them. Jamaicans came out of the truck with Moondog and the men who attacked from across the street were black. Shamus pulls over to make some calls. With drug sales and supply at an all time low the crime syndicates are having a hard time paying their rank and file. Word is on the street that someone else is hiring. Clearly Mongrel is picking up more men, giving the Pack some additional leverage.

It is also clear that Mongrel now views the Order as a problem. This was not a case of friendly fire, this was a deliberate trap intended to take the Order out of the picture, permanently.


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