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Chapter 2: Episode 6

Drug Through the Streets

For the Order of the Chimera, its a whole new ball game. While most of the public is unaware of the sarin gas threat that could have killed thousands, they are aware that the Chimera Museum employees freed a highjacked subway train full of passengers from the Doom Fever Posse, and they have the wicked cell phone footage to prove it. It also means that the characters are very public faces, at least the faces of the six that were involved. Suddenly they have been thrust into their fifteen minutes of fame.

The first order of business, was a visit from the police. Faith Padrusky, accompanied by agents from the MIB and AIM, arranged for a visit at the Museum. There were several things to discuss. With all active members present, and Xander hanging around invisible, they started with the bad stuff. They had not called or given her any kind of a warning that something this bad was going down so she could evacuate people or warn the Subway Security. For all intents and purposes they had completely destroyed the train. Despite the fact that they appeared to be mutants, all of them, they were not registered (something she already knew, but now, here, with the MIB and AIM sitting right next to them, she had to act indignant). Finally, they killed some of the Posse members, despite Kaycees best efforts, even she has her limits (decapitation anyone?). The charges being thrown around included reckless endangerment, murder, assault, trespassing, and felony property damage.

The good news was, they had saved the lives of thousands of people, and the mayors office was very clear; make it work. So Faith was here with a deal. The Chimera Museum would be counted as a partner organization that he city could collaborate with in the future, with very specific and limited privileges, to allow them to engage in vigilante activity. Faith would also expedite Kats bounty hunting license, something else that would add an air of credibility to the whole juncture. All of the Order would also register, so they could claim they were law abiding citizens from the beginning. In return the mayors office would see that all charges were dropped, that he would personally attend the grand opening, and that the county treasurers office would not sent them a property tax notice.

In the end all of the Order registered, even Xander, after the AIM agent pointed out that he was not wearing ordinary glasses and could see him just fine. While the rest of the morning was pretty quiet, nothing was the same. Jane was a hero at the university. Kaycee was honored at the hospital. Nick actually had to attend a class to get some civic award. Kat, who had already started dating Ricky Fontini, the mechanic from the subway platform, had plenty of additional date offers, and Beast was the source of endless speculation on who had crossed a bull with a walking German Sheppard.

Volunteers for their board of directors mysteriously appeared, RSP’s for the grand opening suddenly arrived, and so did the reporters, radio interview requests, early morning gawkers. Finally, after a few weeks had passed, things had started to die down, and that was kinda the problem, things were still dying.

The Packs response to all the publicity was to lay siege to an abandoned property, known as a local drug hang out, and kill everyone inside. The public looked at enemy number one, and they looked at the men and women and dog of the hour, the Order of the Chimera, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the expectations were. With that in mind they hit the streets to try and dig up more information on the Pack and their activities.

They made contact with Faith and reviewed where the police were at. The police have a formal body count of 123, that is people that they can guarantee, they estimate the count is much higher than that. She also asks Faith which organizations have the biggest role in the drug trade, and therefore the most to lose. Faith tags the Mafia, the Jamaicans, and the Colombians as the biggest current players. Beast points out that they already have some maphia contacts, so Jane hits Faith up on the Columbian side. Faith promises to see what she can do.

Sid contacts Shamus. After getting reamed for not sharing information with him on the attack, Shamus begrudgingly shares what he knows. Some cops still like what the pack is doing, but as the body count becomes more questionable, that is quickly changing. A couple of undercovers have been caught up and killed, now they see the Pack as a threat to the police as well. The streets are dry, pushing the crazies to new heights. Dealers are getting to be hard to come by.

Faith comes through with an undercover who is working with the Colombians. He isn’t high up in the organization, but can offer a few insights. The Colombians are getting leaned on hard by the Jamaicans, making it very difficult for them to keep their network in place. Most of the Colombians feel the Pack is working for the Jamaicans.

Kat goes to make contact with the Jamaicans. They knew they were dealing out by the memorial hospital, so she hits the streets. She is able to track down some likely members, when she talks to them they recognize her from the video coverage of the subway train attack. They are indeed members of the Ghede, and are very pleased with the blow the Doom Fever Posse suffered at the hands of the Order. They tell her that they have been shaking down the Columbians to get what supply they have but don’t really know who the pack is working for. They agree to set up a meeting with Brother Namaan. Kat leaves to check in with the others and let them know what she is doing.

Namaan agrees to meet them in a park. She goes alone, trusting her abilities to bring her back from the brink if necessary. A volvo van pulls up to the curb, two old Cordoba’s flanking it. Ghede posse members move out from the cars and take up flanking positions a respectable distance away. The van door opens up and smoke billows out, along with a couple of posse members. Namaam emerges, carrying a blunt, a scorpion slung over his back, a couple of holstered machine pistols, a large knife, and miscellaneous animal parts tied into his dreads. A cloud of smoke follows him and his boys as they move in for the meeting.

Namaam is high as the Hudson Towers, and it shows. He praises the Order for the beat down they gave to the Doom Fever posse. When the discussion turns to the Pack Namaam makes it clear that they are not working for them, in fact, he offers a reward, $1 million dollars, if they can take them out. They know he isn’t with the Colombians because they are pushing them around too easily. He figures they have to be working with the mafia. Namaan also hints that he would be very interested in body parts from chimera. Kat says she will see what she can do and they depart.

Beast contacted Vinnie with the Tarcconne family to feel out what the mafia thinks. Vinne makes it clear that they suspect the Colombians, the other families all swear its not them, but that isn’t saying much. He uses his computer to look at known hits from Pack members. Beyond being concentrated in areas that have traditionally high drug activity, there does not appear to be a clear pattern that would indicate one area is getting a break over any of the others.

Xander works the opposite direction, putting the word out with some of his high profile contacts that he is interested in buying. He lands an appointment with Georgio, a high end and very discreet, dealer. The discussion with Georgio provides some new pieces to the puzzle. He no longer uses a single supplier, he is having to cobble together his inventory from several sources at once. The lack of drugs elsewhere means big money to him, he can now charge virtually whatever he wants and is making out like a bandit. Several other high profile dealers have also gone to ground or gone missing, so there is also significant risk in staying in the game.

In the end they sit down to bring together what they know from the police, Columbians, Jamacians, Mafia, dealers, and analysis. There is no clear indicator on who the Pack is working for. Sid raises the possibility that they may not be working for anyone, but rather making a powerplay to become the top dogs in the Hudson scene themselves. Sid shares what they have gathered with Shamus.

Kat also wants to explore the possibility of adopting a River Rat werewolf cub. Beast and Kat make a visit and throw out their proposal. Grey Paw agrees to consider the proposal and let them know. They do feel an obligation to the Order for their assistance in relocating the Blood Moon pack.

The session ends with the characters making plans on what do do next.


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