Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 5

Doom Fever Train

After the explosion at the Hunterton station they call Nick to come pick them up and help them get to the Red Hill station. Nick arrives and they all cram into Kaycee’s focus except Xander, who is still unconscious and left in the care of the Blood Moon pack. Nick rushes them to the Red Hill station, and after illegally parking, they run down into the platform.

The Order sees that the subway patrons are mostly down and their hands and knees or laying on their stomachs. Armed Jamaican gang members armed with guns stand guard as the subway train doors close and it prepares to leave. The group will have 92 seconds (8 turns) to take down the enemies, find the bombs, and disarm them. Beast and Kane head for the westernmost car, Jane and Kat the next car, and Nick and Kaycee take up the next car down from them.

All of them charge. Nick and Kaycee take down the two facing them in couple of phases, mostly due to Nick lighting them on fire and them running away. The force their way onto the car as it begins to pull away. Beast charges uses his horns to close line one of the men shooting at him. He also smashes into the doors and gets stuck. Sid cuts down his opponent with his sword and helps beast pull the doors open to get on the train. Jane shocks one of the platform guards and drops him, while Kat grabs a bench and belts the other one. Kat easily forces the doors and steps on the train, still carrying the bench. She throws out a “Does this count as carry on?” quip as she uses the bench like a battering ram, sending another gang member sprawling.

The Order members find the train is full of passengers who have been taken hostage along with their kidnappers, Doom Posse gang members armed with guns and voodoo zombies carrying machetes, knives, and other sharp stuff. As the PC’s begin fighting the highjacked citizens realize they might be saved… out come the cellphones to catch all the carnage!

Beast and Sid break find several posse members and zombies on their car. The close quarters limits Beasts ability to charge his opponents, so moves in close to fight with bites and claws. Sid plies his bland freely. They regular posse members go down quickly, the zombies are much more robust. They have been brainwashed to virtually ignore stun damage, leaving more lethal attacks as their only option. Sid lops off a few limbs, including one decapitation, while Beast ends the fight with a muzzle covered in blood.

Jane and Kat also make short work of the posse members. Jane finds that her shock blasts usually drop them in one blast. The zombies are much more dangerous. Jane takes a stab to the head that pierces her shield and cuts her quite severely. Kat resorts to breaking off metal bars and impaling zombies, then picking them up and throwing them through the bars subway patrons use to hold steady. Jane takes up one of the knives dropped by a zombie to apply freely.

After they finished fighting in their car Jan and Kat moved through their car and joined Beast and Sid as the assaulted the final car that led to the engine. There were several more zombies and a couple of power suits that tried to keep them from gaining entrance. Jane blasts one of the suits with the EMP while beast and Sid go after the zombies. Kat gets her hands on the other suit and puts him through the subway window and outside. Another zombie hits Jane and wounds her again. They finally take down the last zombie with 24 seconds remaining. Jane flings open the door to lead car, and then the shooting starts.

Uzi was holding two of them, and they were on full auto. If it wasn’t for her personal shield Jane would have died, she still soaked up three direct hits as she went down. Kaycee pulled her out of the line of fire while Sid, Beast, and Kat dove into the lead car. Nick began to melt through the couplings to separate the car and keep Jane and Kaycee safe. Sid and Kat went for Uzi, while Beast charged headlong after the robed woman. She stepped aside at the last moment and Beast demolished the control panel for the train, killing its power. Unfortunately, it still had plenty of momentum to get the to where it was headed. It was then that she picked up a piece of broken eqpuipment and said, “Fetch” while throwing it out of the car. Beast happily chased it, the mind control working all too well.

Uzi sprayed Sid with bullets as he came in as well, but he was able to avoid the worst of them. One swift blow from his Katana wounded Uzi and left her dazed, a right hook from Kat put her under. They watched in confusion as Beast ran past them headed the wrong way. Sid charges the woman with the dress and then staggers back as she hits him with an ego blast. He rises to his feet, only to be struck again. Kat grabs Beast by the ear and tells him to “knock it off, its not time to play fetch”. Beast is able to break free of the mind control. He and Kat taker the robed woman down in a flurry of fists and paws.

Nick has succeeded in separating the engine from the other cars. He hangs down off the back of the runaway engine and tries to melt some of the moving components to fuse them together and slow the train. Unfortunately he under estimates the kickback from touching the wheels and trying to slow them down. He is flung off the back of a train still going over a hundred miles an hour, in what is sure to be a messy death. They 5d6 killing damage later, (rolling an incredible 8 body damage), Nick picks himself up and walks away, leaving behind him a trail of fire from where he skidded along and a massive hole in the seat of his pants. All he could think at that moment was how much cooler that had been than the last time he went surfing.

Their final opponent down Kat, Beast and Sid have 16 seconds left. Beast looks one of the two bombs over. He does not have any skills in demolitions, but he knows electronics, and he spots a GPS unit attached to the bomb. Hoping it is the trigger he quickly reprograms the coordinates to something very far away and moves to the second bomb. His first attempt to reprogram it does not go quite as he hoped, and with six seconds remaining he tries one more time, successfully reprogramming the second GPS unit.

Finally, Kat, Sid, and Beast hang off the back, trying to use their combined 70 points of strength to slow the train down. As the train coasts through the Lladen station under Moscow West, instead of exploding and releasing copious amounts of deadly sarin gas that would likely kill thousands of people, instead subway passengers see a giant dog with horns, a woman and a man being drug behind the back of a runaway subway engine.

The Order of the Chimera limps back to their museum. Beast has console pieces hanging from his horns, Sid and Kat have been shot and stabbed, Jane is stabilized now thanks to Kaycee, and Nicks cheeks are sore, scratched, and drafty. Before they even arrive back at the museum the first cell phone videos are being uploaded to youtube, and their lives are forever changed.

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