Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 4

Den of Lightning

The Pack continues to commit murders in between episodes. The findings from the last episode though leaves them feeling like they may be close to Voltiac. Eager to make some progress, and get the Oath devices out of their heads, they decide to work on tracking him down. They also discuss the fact that other organizations want to know what their syndicate is called, the choose the Order of the Chimera to highlight their association with the museum.

They are working towards a future opening. While helping to move the brass bull, Beast absorbs some of its DNA, something that will cause him to have horns starting to grow by the episodes end. Sid and Beast discuss his meetings with the werewolves. Sid suggests he might have offended the Dark Wood pack by infringing on their territory, asking questions, and leaving without offering any kind of gift for exchange to to pay for his trespass. Beast uses his computer to look for anything he can find out about the Doom Fever Posse. He finds out that they are a Jamaican street gang, they are also one of a handful of Jamaican gangs that are known as voodoo posses for their use of “zombies”. Sid digs up more information on the use of voodoo cult using the Chimera Museums occult library. The voodoo zombies are different from parasitic zombies. They want to possibly dig up some allies against the Doom Fever Posse and have heard that the Ghede are the strongest of the voodoo posses in Hudson.

They decide to learn more, and head to the Caribbean Karma, where they meet Momma JuJu. They talk to Momma JuJu about the voodoo cults and in parcular the Ghede. She tells them in no uncertain terms that they are fools for trying to learn more about them, something that is becoming a familiar refrain. They decide to put off talking to the Ghede and attack the Voltiac directly. Beast goes back to the Blood Moon pack and they agree on a joint attack to reclaim their den under Hunterton Station.

Jane, Beast, Kat, Xander, Sid and Kaycee are going to attack from one entrance, while the Blood Moon pack attacks from the other side. Unfortunately, their coordination is a bit off, and the Order of the Chimera breaks into the Den to find themselves fighting Voltiac, 4 suits, and 4 men out of their gear. What follows is a wild melee that featured Beast charging head long into the room followed closely by Sid and Kat. Jane came through shooting electricity while Xander ambushed several of the unarmed agents. Beast and Kat quickly took down one of the suits. Voltiac hits Kaycee with a blast and she is stunned. Jane hits Voltiac with an EMP while Sid KO’s another of the suits. Xander finishes off the two he is fighting when Voltiac pulls a showave grenade. The door flies open and the Blood Moon pack bursts into the room just as it goes off, hurtling them back out of the room and slamming the door shut. The blast in close quarters knocks everyone off their feet and leaves them in a heap.

As Sid, Kat and Xander fight Voltiacs goons on the ground, Jane gets back up and hits Voltaic with a second EMP, a tremendous burst that completely shorts out his powersuit, including the shielding system that protects the massive battery pack on the rear of the suit. The suit is badly damaged and will need repairs before it will work properly. The party can see the sparks starting to fly and smell the ozone in the air. Beast decides with Voltiacs suit damaged it is the perfect time to give him something to remember him by. Climbing out of the pile of bodies he sprints full speed and spears Voltiac with his new horns, slamming him against the wall and smashing rupturing the battery pack. As the Blood Moon pack opens the door a second time to try and come in and help there is a tremendous explosion from battery failing, all of the characters and voltiacs men are blasted out through the door, which comes off its hinges, and into the faces of the Blood Moon pack.

The explosion is so severe that it collapses part of the platform above them down into what used to be the Blood Moon packs den. As the Order members pick themselves up and sort through the bodies they eventually account for everyone. Since the den has collapsed they cannot search inside, but there is not sign of Voltiac. On one of his boys they find something that makes their blood run cold, plans to modify a subway train. It includes instructions on rigging up some kind of bomb and a date and time. The date is today, the time is in fifteen minutes. They rush to try and make it to the Red Hill station before the train departs.

(Unlike most episodes, which have time passing between them, episodes 4 and 5 of this chapter happen right after one another.)

For more information see the first of a two part ___________________.


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