Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 2: Episode 1

The Swaying Swan

The PC’s decide to make an offer on the abandoned buildings in the park with the drug money (which the Tarcconne family launders through the recently acquired Flag National branch so it is clean for the purchase of property). Jane will be the official owner of the property and the only one on title. After the fee to launder the money, the purchase price, and the closing costs they don’t expect to have much left over. (The Tarcconne family don’t mind helping the characters get established. They have put the word out that the PC’s are out to get Voltiac, having them tied down to one place increases the likelihood of a showdown, something they definitely want to happen. At this point they have lost all of their recent recruits, two of their mutants were killed, and a prodigy has gone turncoat. The organization is reeling and not keen to lose more men trying to bring Voltiac down). The Wizard has decided that with his Oath trigger in his hands he wants to spend time with the bank teller he wooed during the robbery, and has been wooing ever since. He has had enough of syndicates and goes to ground, leaving the PC’s to fend for themselves.

Jane shows up at the title company and signs her life away. It is only after the loan is closed and they are back at the buildings that they begin to realize what they have really gotten themselves into. The paperwork is voluminous, and confusing, but a few things become clear. The properties are the Chimera Museum, where famous local Chimera were displayed. The previous owners died in 1979, at which point the museum was turned over to the Hudson City Zoo, who had neither the money or manpower to run it properly. The buildings fell into disrepair, something the Zoo has gotten alot of grief over, so they were happy to unload them.

It turns out there were other reasons to unload the property. The original land agreement stipulates that the property could only ever be the Chimera Museum, a matter that is reinforced by the Le Mastre park preservation trust and zoning act, and that the new owners have to have it up and running in three months time. In addition, there are currently 12.5 million dollars in liens against the property, debt that Jane as the owner has now inherited. Plus, the property taxes alone, due in November, are roughly half a million dollars a year, more than the group payed for the properties. On top of all of this the property is badly in need of repairs, likely to cost millions of dollars, to get it up to tip top shape. The PC’s have acquired the Museum, storage barn, and outbuildings at a great price, located right in the middle of the city, with the discretion that is offered by the park, but they have also purchased an enormous money pit. (All of this explains why there were not a dozen other organizations chomping at the bit to make other offers for the property). If only they had read the fine print…..

The PC’s are trying to get their ducks in a row. When word of the purchase gets out they get visits from several of the syndicates in the area, including the Hudson City Zoo, Park Rangers, Dark Wood Pack (werewolf syndicated that lives in the park) and the Keepers of the Wood, a syndicate of druids that also serve as the parks primary groundskeepers. Their leader, Perrin, comes to visit in person. When he does, Sarah, who has been staying with the PC’s, meets him at the door. They have been in communication telepathically for the last few weeks. Sarah has decided to leave and join the druids. They are interested in learning more about where she came from and helping her acclimate to her new life.

While the PC’s wait for news of Voltiac they get to work on the museum. They had put out an ad for a curator, and Jane is reviewing the three applications that they received. Only one of them has extensive experience with Chimera, an individual by the name of Sigmend Valentine (who prefers to be called Sig). During their interview it becomes clear that Sigmend knows far more about Chimera than the rest of them combined. He is hired on the spot and begins inventorying what chimera the group has in inventory and planning displays.

The Tarcconne does have some leads on Voltiac. Voltiac stole recruitment records before he left, the famly believes that he is planning on trying to pressgang some of the individuals on the families watch list before they can be reached. They know this since he already made an attempt on one of them, a man by the name of Xander, who escaped and has gone underground. The other lead was a young woman by the name of Kat who works at the Swaying Swan, the most notorious mutant and aberration bar in the city. Jane and Beast go to see Kat, they use the excuse that they are looking to hire security for the museum; Sig comes along, eager to vet the individual who might be protecting his precious chimera.

Xander escaped from the abduction attempt and has been trying to figure out who was after him. After getting away he turned the tables on his attackers and followed them instead. He has been monitoring the activities of the one he followed home ever since. He is currently outside the Swaying Swan, watching two of his would be abductors as the stake out the bar. He is still trying to figure out who they are an what they are doing.

Xander spots Jane, Beast, and Sig entering the bar. He notes that when they do, the men watching the bar take great interest and immediately begin making calls. Xander watches them carefully. Jane, Beast and Sig enter the Swaying Swan. As they come in a woman is coming out, a man danging from each hand, she deposits them on the street and comes back in, moving to a corner where she can watch the room. They have never seen so many blatant mutants and aberrations in one spot in their lives as they make up the majority of the bars patrons. They push through and speak to Reggie, the owner and bartender, a massive man with two heads. One of his heads carries on a conversation with the PC’s while the other takes more orders. After overpaying for a drink Reggie points them towards Kat, confirming their suspicions that the woman who just kicked the louts out is who they are looking for. The characters move over and introduce themselves. They are beginning to let her know that the believe someone is looking for here when the door flies open.

Xander had been watching from outside. When a vehicle pulls up and two men in power suits get out he takes notice. The men he was watching direct the suits to the bar and then split. Xander quietly follows the suits up to the bar and inside.
After the suits make their appearance them waste no time announcing themselves as Hudson police officers. There is a mad dash for the back of the bar as everyone tries to get out. The other officer points at Kat and fires off a flash grenade that takes the whole party by surprise, blinding them. Beast, who is especially susceptible to flash attacks against his eyes, blindly goes after the goes after the suits, destroying a table instead. Sig dives for cover and tries to recover while Kat and Jane try to grapple with their attackers.

One of them lashes out, kicking Jane aside while the other opens fire on Beast, wounding him. Beast is still having a hard time finding his opponents, though he does a good job at obliterating a barstool. Xander attacks from behind, surprising the suit and thumping him. Beast manages to sink his teeth into one of the suits arms, while Sig has recovered and comes in swinging a sword. The suit pops out a blade and fights back, exchanging wounds. Beast takes another shot from the one he is fighting with while dealing out some damage of his own. Jane hits one of them with an EMP blast, trying to disable the suit. Xander takes a hit and gets thrown back, while the other suit fires off a grenade sending the PC’s scrambling for cover once more. Sig charges back in, cutting into the suit and stunning him while Beast and Jane pummel him into submission. Kat finally gets her hands on the other suit and smashes him halfway through the wall. With sirens in the distance they beat a hasty retreat.

Kat isn’t entirely sure about the characters, but they did help her against her attackers. They offer her a position with the museum, and considering how she just wrecked her place of employment, she accepts. While leaving Beast tries to track Xander. He succeeds in following him for several blocks before Xander loses him in the subway crowd.

Kat returns with them to the Museum where they find all of the front windows broken out. They may have kept Kat from falling to Voltiac, but he has made it clear that he knows were they are at.

For more details on this episodes activities look at the Hudson City News and the Police Blotter.

Of particular note are the indications that the drug related slayings may be related.


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