Syndicate Campaign

Chapter 1: Episode 7


After their latest threat against them the Tarcconne family is finally listening. They don’t want Card Shark to find out the truth. They have tried to find the truck with the suits, but the characters have moved it several times over the last couple of weeks. Their favorite spot has included a some abandoned buildings in Le Mastre park. Several of them are also hiding out in the building (and at Beasts apartment) since Jane and Kaycee’s apartments are know to the family.

The PC’s get another call, this time from Voltiac, who wants to set up terms. The characters will hand over the suits in return for the triggers for Jane, Wizard and Nick. They arrange for the exchange to take place in Le Mastre Park.

At the appointed time the characters move to the park. They have Nick take the suits in the truck to a different part of the city. Voltiac shows up to make the exchange. There is a little banter back and forth, with Voltiac very clear on where he feels the characters fit into the grand scheme of things. He demands to know where the suits are, the characters give him the coordinates and he sends a few of his goons to go check. After Voltiac confirms that the suits are there he smiles and tells the characters that he has changed his mind and isn’t going to give them the triggers after all. He points at Beast, who grabs one of Voltiac’s men and pulls him in front of him. Voltiac just shrugs and shoots the man, killing him.

The characters dive into action. Jane and Sarah at Voltiac, but he shrugs the attacks off. Kaycee and Sarah engage one of the goons. Voltiac fires and hits Sarah, knocking her away from the fight. Beast knocks out another goon and Jane and Kaycee take down the the third. Voltiac fires at Kaycee and she goes down in a shower of sparks.

Sarah moves back in and grabs Voltiac with telekenesis. Jane fires and hits him and Beast does his favorite thing….he charges in and knocks him over. Voltiac pulls the pin on a grenade and rolls it away from him just slighlty. It is one of his shockwave grenades. The blast throws the characters off their feet with the exception of the flying Sarah, who gets launched much further than she expected. While the group is recovering Voltiac triggers his boosters and hutles, skipping along, through the bushes and out of sight.

Jane then gets a call from Vinnie. He assures them that Voltiac was not acting on orders from the family, he never had the triggers (he was the handler for the now deceased Kane Wolfheart). Further investigation proves that Voltiac has stolen the suits and gone rogue. Vinnie offers a new deal on behalf of the Tarcconne family, they characters deliver Voltiac and the family will help them remove the Oath devices. As a show of good faith they deliver Jane’s and Wizards Oath triggers, leaving just Nick at risk.

The characters return to the abandoned buildings in the park. When they get there they see vehicles outside of them. The characters go inside, and realize that they appear to be interrupting a drug deal between two gangs. A wild melee breaks out with the characters doing surprisingly well against the gangsters, who despite outnumbering the PC’s more than two to one are dealt with in less than one turn. Not one of the gangsters are able to escape (even with a couple of them trying to get out on motorcycles). The characters now have a dozen unconcious drug dealers, various weapons, a pile of illegal drugs, and a duffel bag stuffed with bills. They decide to dump the unconscious criminals and the drugs outside the main Park Police office. The duffel bag holds several hundred thousand dollars in cash that was being used to purchase the drugs. They decide to keep the cash to try and purchase the abandoned buildings that they have been hiding out in.

The episode ends with the PC’s making plans for the future, one that hopefully includes all of them.

For more information about the sessions events see the Hudson News and the Police Blotter.


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